How To Solve TeamViewer “Commercial Use Suspected!” Problem

No doubt TeamViewer is one of the best, free remote access and remote desktop sharing software over internet.

(**Quick Update** – Teamviewer is a remote desktop sharing software. You should not use TeamViewer to watch movies/ TV shows ! )

Let’s say your friend is facing some computer issues and she does not know much about computers. It’ll be really difficult for you to guide your friend over phone as mostly she’d not understand what to do and your phone bill would run high as well !for

This is where TeamViewer comes in picture and works best. You can sit at the comfort of your house and help your friend who can possibly be sitting thousands of miles away (Make sure you have direct internet connection as TeamViewer does not work if it’s behind proxy).

TeamViewer is free for personal use, but you’ll have to buy a license if you are using it for commercial purposes. Off late I had a few readers e-mailing a common problem they had with TeamViewer. The common problem was that, even though these visitors were not using TeamViewer for commercial purpose they were getting the following message:

“Commercial Use Suspected”

In such case, my first suggestion is that you contact TeamViewer team and inform them about the problem and see if they can solve the issue.

However, there is a way to solve this, but this should be used only if you don’t get a reply from teamviewer and is a bit of technical process, so you have to dabble your hand in it only if you know what you are upto.

1> First Close Teamviewer, if it is running.

2> Click on Start –> Run –> type %appdata% –> delete TeamViewer folder

3> Delete registry folder: hkcu/software/teamviewer and hklm/software/teamviewer

4> Change the MAC Address of your LAN card, this tutorial can help you.

5> Restart your Teamviewer and you should get a new ID and also should solve the “Commercial Use Suspected” problem.

Please use the following method only if you have genuine problem. Please play fair as TeamViewer is one of the best freely available software, which I use and recommend strongly over others in the same niche. There is no substitute to TeamViewer.

(**Update – Aug 03, 2011**)

Free TeamViewer Alternative Software

Some of you might want to check out this list I’ve compiled. It’s a  list of free as well as paid alternatives for TeamViewer. If you have suggestions please chip in and I’ll add it to the list.

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  1. I tried this on 2 computers : I stopped using it for several weeks (perhaps 2 or 3 monts), and the message never reappear !

  2. Just use a VM and save a snapshot after a clean install of windows, roll back to the snapshot, change the hardware address of the VM and install teamviewer again. Problem solved and no messing around with the registry and system files.

  3. Why not use Chrome Remote Desktop here:-

    It’s completely free with no nagging screens, allows you to list your computers on your own account and you can use remote assistance for technical support with an access key.

    Does the same as TeamViewer but much better!

  4. i used to window 8 and teamviwer 10, its commercially suspected. i don’t found any solution. please help me

  5. I downloaded teamviewer so my friend could help me, but ever since I did my computer has been getting hacked. when I downloaded teamviewer, I only clicked run instead of save. I deleted everything having to do with teamviewer but it wont stop.How do I stop this?

  6. I’m using TV9, I also can’t stop this error after doing all step of method, which you guided.
    I have changed Physical Address successfully, but when setup new TV9, my ID don’t change. I think my ID don’t change, this is reason for my TV can’t stop error after 5 minutes.
    Could you help me fix this problem…
    thank you so muck…!

  7. @default
    TeamViewer detects commercial use in the following cases:
    1) You connect to more than 7-8 IDs within a month.
    2) Your total sessions duration exceed 20-25 hours per month.
    As a result you get disconnections every 2-5 minutes.

    Of course you can reset the ID all the time but it won’t allow you to use unattended access.

    To my mind it’s better to find a free (for commercial use) alternative.
    Among those that I know you may consider Aeroadmin.

  8. @Maulik Bhuptani – Macro World Softwares
    TeamViewer detects commercial use in the following cases:
    1) You connect to more than 7-8 IDs within a month.
    2) Your total sessions duration exceed 20-25 hours per month.
    As a result you get disconnections every 2-5 minutes.

    Of course you can reset the ID all the time but it won’t allow you to use unattended access.

    To my mind it’s better to find a free (for commercial use) alternative.
    Among those that I know you may consider Aeroadmin.

  9. All of these suggestions do NOT WORK, at least for Teamviewer 8. I got screwed because I worked for a company that used the commercial version and then when I left them, I could not use it for personal use.

  10. I use Teamviewer for years….
    Here is my trick for Win xp
    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

    ================ Batch file ========
    del /s /q “c:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Application Data\TeamViewer\”
    deltree /y “c:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Application Data\TeamViewer”
    del /s /q “%ProgramFiles%\Team Viewer\”
    deltree /y “%ProgramFiles%\Team Viewer”
    del /s /q “%ProgramFiles%\Team Viewer\*.*”
    deltree /y “%ProgramFiles%\Team Viewer”
    del /s /q “%ProgramFiles%\Team?Viewer?\*.*”
    deltree /y “%ProgramFiles%\Team?Viewer?”
    del /s /q “%ProgramFiles%\TeamViewer\”
    deltree /y “%ProgramFiles%\TeamViewer”

  11. Hello Everyone, The Solution Described Above Works Efficiently Only When The Problem Is Local(Our PC) And Not On The TeamViewer Server. In My Case It Was On The TeamViewer Server Side Which Had The Old Data Of Me Using Commercial Use;Instead Of Non-Commercial Use. So I Opened A File Called TeamViewer.hta( Which I Opens Up In Internet Explorer 10 And A Small Windows Opens Up Which Asks For The Type Of TeamViewer Use,I Selected 1).Non-Commercial/Personal Use And Typed In My E-mail Address. And Hit “Next”. Then Just Restart Your TeamViewer And You Are Done. No Need For Uninstalling Or Whatever. 😀

  12. Now above method not working, becoz Teamviwer Owner know every thing that we are doing. They are taking lot of information from our pc and check with lot of parameters. u can see log file

    for free use u have to purchase new pc.

    so purchase licence copy of Teamviwer.


  13. I have installed teamviewer 8. the above solution does not work. it restricts me to work for 5 minutes only. Any Help ?

  14. @Crazydave
    Thanks CrazyDave!! That worked for me! I was going in circles. Thought I had got everything from registry, but obviously not. Running CCleaner was a great idea! Finally got it cleared out and a new ID! Thanks 1000X!

  15. all the technical skill as the above is bullshit.. but i get one discount coupon code: 31048-31-077640. use this code to buy teamviewer can get 3% discount from the purchases price. It’s worked

  16. I’ve changed my mac address on my computers, and TV now woks fine computercomputer
    Problem is I’m still getting “Commercial Use Suspected” when using the android app

    Any ideas how to fix ?

  17. Thank’s for your idea,
    I find Teamviewer versi 7 start from July 2012 has change logic in ID mechanical so logic in this web doesn’t work again.
    I was find the new logic for change Teamviewer ID Version 7 Since July 2012, for detail information please click
    (or click in my name)
    So i hope you enjoy with free remote anywhere from Teamviewer

  18. thing is you’ll have to do this on daily basis or on every pop-up basis

    Also, @chetan, he’s talking abt registry…..
    start> run> regedit

  19. Thought I would add my experience:

    Win 7 x64

    I have previously tried to follow the instructions given but had no luck so this is what I did to get a new ID and get rid of the commercial use suspected:

    Uninstall Teamviewer

    Start –> Run –> type %appdata% –> delete TeamViewer folder

    run ccleaner on files and registry

    run regedit as admin

    backup registry

    CTRL + F to search registry for the word “teamviewer”

    delete all entries found for teamviewer in registry

    can MAC address of Lan card


    reinstall teamviewer

    All done – new ID!

    Good luck and thank to original author

  20. Hey guys, I have a problem. When I connect to my desktop computer, I run a fullscreen application then I lose all my control on keyboard and mouse.
    I mean i can see i move the mouse and things response my move but buttons dont work. any idea ?

  21. how can i run another setup for non – commercial use on my computer.
    the one i run has expired.

  22. The reason why you’re getting the “Commercial Use Suspected” message is because you’re either connecting to A LOT of different computers all the time, or simply because you’re in a different country than the other computer (the one you’re connecting to)

  23. The workaround works for me once, but no more.

    I use TeamViewer 7 with Windows 7 to connect my home machine from my office and control my downloads.

    I removed any TeamViewer reference in Windows Register, removed the TeamViewer folder in %appdata% and changed the MAC Address of the ethernet board. I could not change the MAC Address of the WiFi, but disable it when try to use TeamViewer.

    I think there is some other register key with another name that this new version use, but now a can´t identify. If someone will instal TeamViewer in a new machine, I suggest to use a register analyser or something similar to identify all TeamViewer´s change.

    And, please, share what you discover!!!


  24. the registry keys are different than in step 3:
    (3> Delete registry folder: hkcu/software/teamviewer and hklm/software/teamviewer)

    should I delete the entire folder Version 7??

  25. I run and own a website offering free help with computer and internet related problems. The main reason I offer this service is to aid visually impaired users. Teamviewer has proven beyond any doubt to have been the BEST solution for remote desktop diagnostics and tuition. Being blind makes computer problems all that much harder to resolve. WELL DONE TEAMVIEWER…

  26. They have a new Beta version available. I wonder if it has the same restrictions or whether they changed things.

  27. Hello
    i read your post, learn few things that i was missed tomention in my post for same topic on my
    one more thing i want to say that if someone trying to support friend and want to see what happening with there then you can also se showmewhatswrong .com , i post a detail post upon this topic open this link

  28. i installed personal and non commercial team viewer , when i connect to any computer its showing commercial and disconnecting after 4 to 5 min, if i am giving connect partner again , error msg until 2 min its blocked try after

  29. How many hours before commercial use is suspected? Also I’ve had problems with uninstalling and then reinstalling. I like Teamviewer but hate having to deal with these little snags. I wish people wouldn’t misuse the product so TV would not have to put restrictions. For personal use I use Teamviewer. At work we just bought a ScreenConnect license. It was pretty cheap from what I remember comparatively to Teamviewer Corporate.

  30. Good job.
    When i try it the firt time, i still get the message “Commercial Use Suspected”

    But the second time, i follow the instruction above and at least i search the word “TEAMVIEWER” in the registry and i delete all i found. so i restard the computer and every thing is ok.

    I’m on windows 7 x64

  31. I got problem i changed my MAC Address I got new id address on teamviewer but still i can only teamview or be teamviewed for only 5 minutes.

  32. @Mike
    Mike, these problems are not related to TeamViewer. Most likely you got a virus that has corrupted the RPC service on that machine. You’ll need to do a windows repair, possibly a reinstall of the OS. I’ve been using TeamViewer for years on dozens of machines and have never ran into this problem.


  33. How to change mac address of computer after a time period without restart the computer ?

  34. we are using your team viewer software on trial basis in our system. during the operation we found that the image scroll on the remote screen is not scrolling smoothly ( scrolling with jerk) . we are ready to buy but we need some assistance. please contact me ASAP

  35. Team Viewer has always worked well for me. The only problem I have with it is that when a new release comes out, the update functionality does not work most of the time. I have to go to the web site and download the full program.

    “An error occurred while updating Team Viewer. Please check log file for more information.”

    The log file says:

    “2011/03/08 14:05:41.455 2168 1716 G0!! CTVUpdate failed – CInetDownload::ThreadRun –, Errorcode=3”

  36. hay
    ihave this problem that i want see some videos onmy pertner computer when it connects but it is problem that the videos color is not showing me
    it shows black and white

  37. can i be permanently invisible when i open a conection via teamviwer?
    can the popup next to the watch be stoped?
    It`s non commercial use!

  38. Hi, I also received a message like this, but I solved it by using “impcremote instant”. It’s free and it can be used without any limitation (also for companies).

  39. lol found a way need to clear history in teamviewer then exit the whole teamviewer also the services running in windows task viewer then open it again after a few tries i can then connect again

  40. Hi i have a problem where i connect to my pc at home but the view of my remote desktop never shows then after 5 min it just closes the connection.does any one know how to fix this?

  41. with regards to the query i had posted on november 19th i went through your solution on how to allow access to teamviwer on bitdefender 2009 but unfortunately i have bitdefender 2010 installed on my computer and it is pretty different from the 2009 version….could you please guide me as to how to allow access to teamviewer on the 2010 version

  42. @gautam,,

    Hi teamviewer was working perfectly when i was accessing my desktop remotely on my wifi connection at home.Now that i live far away from home whenever i switch on teamviewer on my laptop to access my home computer it

    firstly shows a message in green “Only Lan connections possible”

    also when i try to connect to partner it gives an error saying that Bitdefender antivirus has been detected on your computer so it may be blocking teamviwer from accessing the internet connection.

  43. My problem with Teamviewer is that I get a “Secure session established” message but no view of the target site; program appears to be hung up. The Teamviewer log-on screen shows the target site online. I suspected something was wrong when I clicked on “Connect to partner” and the password ID box did not pop up. I have tried to restore it over the past few days with no luck. Any ideas on how to restore my connection?

  44. i hate teamviwer …. starting now let me tell you why:
    i have a network based on windows 2008 server at work and a connection to internet from my home from an local isp.
    i`ve install teamviwer on my computer at home(win 7) and to one computer at work (win xp pro ….to do something remote…) now i`m dealling with a loot of trouble because of this. the computer from work after i`ve install teamviwer it has problems like: rpc server is unavailable…. cannot renew ip address, i`ve remove teamviwer form the xp comp still it cannnot renew ip address to fix this i use regedit to remove key that teamviwer has made and did not delete those key after uninstall. after this step the xp comp can renew the ip address but now after a period of time whem i try to access the xp comp from the network i have a other problem 0x80070035 the network path was not found…. the comp is responging to ping via name and ip. (after reboot is working but i cannot reboot that computer every time when it`s dissapears from the network )
    so… my advice is not to use this progrma (if you don`t want to use a 3rd party anymore use mstsc (windows remote) if you don`t want to have bigger problmes later on.

  45. @Jace – You can turn on ‘Password’ mode and do not share your password with anyone, unless you want to. That should help you. Is there anything in specific you want to know?

  46. It seems to be it doesn’t work any longer with the new version of teamviewer 5.1.9290, is someone else experiencing the same?

  47. I can connect to host computer but screen will not refresh even if I choose from the menu. Any help really appreciated or tell me where to post. Thanks

  48. Thanks Gataum for your suggestions.

    Besides the TV problem, mMy partner was also having a problem downloading the free anti-virus offered by her ISP. Eventually she called Microsoft and the tech removed some files (but I don’t know which files). She still couldn’t download the free anti-virus, but TeamViewer suddenly began to work perfectly. Not a single problem since. We love this product!

    @Ron Dean

  49. I used the program for one day and it worked like a charm all of a sudden second day, tonnes of problems. It will connect to other computers but the friend’s desktop won’t appear any more. I’m very very very disappointed as I’m in Asia now and try to help my wife in kids on their computers!

  50. @Gautam

    I used my other computer to run the program and to see both ends. I used the “Action” function to flip sides and it worked perfectly.

    So the real problem appears to be that my partner is not seeing the little window that says “Wait For Session”. The blue fields are blank (where the I.D. and the Password should appear).

  51. @Gautam
    I would appreciate the step-by-step instructions. We tried to figure it out ourselves, but no success. My partner can still see my desktop, but I can’t see her desktop. I want to be able to work on her computer. She doesn not need to work on mine.

    And she says that the two blue fields are blank, but on my computer the fields contain my I.D. and a system generated password.

  52. @Ron – It’s pretty easy. Your partner will have an option to allow you have access his system. He has to initiate the process. If you want a step by step, let me know, i’ll pull some time and do a write up.

  53. @Ron – Your partner can reverse who’s controlling the teamviewer from his end and let you access his machine. Have you tried that option ?

  54. Using TeamViewer 5 on two computers, with both running Windows XP (one computer has XP Home and the other has XP Media Center). My partner can remotely see and control my desktop, but I can’t see my partner’s desktop. At start up of TV, my partner’s computer sometimes flashes a warning about a proxy server, but it quickly vanishes before it can be read completely. Our computers are located in our two homes. We use different internet providers (both high speed). How can I reverse this situation, so that I can see and control my partner’s desktop.

  55. Hi, I am using team viewer, but now it is showing “Commercial Use Suspected” and i usally get only 45 sec session. I have tried all tak tiks as mentioned above but problem still persist…

    Plz help me out!!!!!!!!.

  56. I am facing “Commercial Use Suspected” problem on Win XP.
    Can anyone tell me how to delete the registry entries. I am not able to delete them.

  57. Sorry but i use that metod one time and perfect but in this time don´t work wthat happend? anyone can help me

  58. For me, the following steps helped to eliminate the Commercial Use Suspected issue on Windows 7 x64 Enterprise:

    1. uninstall Teamviewer 5
    2. delete the teamviewer folder in the %appdata% directory
    3. opening regedit and deleting everything that contains the word ‘teamviewer’ (hitting F3 to search for the next string)
    4. opening device manager to change the last character of the NIC’s MAC
    5. reboot and verifying that the mac indeed has been changed using the getmac command
    6. reinstall teamviewer 5

    Now I no longer receive the warning.

  59. I use TV 5 on Vista SP1 and have problem commercial use suspect .I already sent email to TV , do not have reply .Did any body solve this problem. Pls help.

  60. Since we started using a proxy server at work (zscaler), I am unable to get teamviewer portable to connect to my home pc. Theres a place to enter the proxy information manually, but I have no idea of what the IP address or port are. Any suggestions on getting around this? I am using version 4x.


  61. @Lew – I respect their product too and have a commercial license now and happy to have one :). I hope people do not mis use this, and since this is a genuine problem at times, may be team at teamviewer should look into this.

    As far as your problem is concerned, i’m a little lost on this. Let me search a bit online and try to find a solution if any.


  62. Gautam :
    @Default – Thanks. But I hope this method is not used otherwise, where people actually use it for commercial purpose and try to save their skin. Teamviewer is one of the best in it’s niche and I totally respect what their product.

    I have a different problem. When I run Teamviewer5 from a VirtualBox XP session, I can connect to remote computers but they can’t connect to me. My computer is running Linux and my only way to run Teamviewer is in a VBox session.

  63. Like one other person who left a comment, I mistakenly checked the “both” business & personal during setup. I’m a real estate agent. I’m thinking such use might still qualify as “personal”. But now I’m locked out. Will this process work to reset to personal use?

  64. guys ..i got the solution and its working fine for me …commercial use suspects …waived off guyss ..its works a whole

    change you devices make address and please use portable team viewer version

    follow the instructions …from the website …happy connecting …

  65. i installed the trial version of the team viewer setup5 in my system. after finished the trial period i can not uninstall that software. now i can not use team viewer. what can i do to uninstall the old one.

  66. Hi Experts,
    I used TV for a long time and followed the same instructions one of my friend systems. Its works perfectly. I find another tool also called Perfect Uninstaller. I am not sure how the tool will work on Team viewer License issue. I think it remove all the registry keys created by TV.

    hope this helps.

  67. I am on Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit

    What did I have to do:
    I use TeamViewer Portable
    – Changed MAC address of my “default” LAN (randomly generated with MacMakeUp)
    – Disabled Sun VirtualBox “VirtualBox Host-Only Network”
    – Installed a newer version of Sun VirtualBox
    – Opened TeamViewer and got a new ID (didn’t need to touch the registry or the %appdata% folder because of the Portable ed I use)

    The new TeamViewer doesn’t check only one Network connection but more if available, try to play with other connections and reopen TV to see a different ID.

  68. Hello want to use TV 5 on Vista with life time.. after 30 days it gets xpired plz suggest me something.. i w8ng for this kind of trick or resseter plz help me out for this crack if anyone knows plz mail me or just reply me once.. ill be very much glad.. to have this.. thkns lot ..

  69. There is a free substitute for Teamviewer that is Ammyy Admin, download from .

    Just like TeamViewer, your host connects to an echo server and receives an ID. Enter it into your client id window and click connect. Like TeamViewer, all communications are fully encrypted.

  70. @Marcelo – thanks for posting it. These days I’m busy with personal life that I haven’t been able to test why this doesn’t work with Vista !

    I should take some time off soon and will work on a solution for it. There should be some way for sure !

  71. @Mathiu
    Hi there, I’m actually using TV4 to conenct one computer running Vista SP2 with XP SP3, and the Windows Vista based didn’t let me change the MAC Addr by no way. I tried too many ways, even uninstalling TV and (trying to) change the MAC and finally TV is working with no restriction. I don’t know if I’m lucky because I do use it to send my homework from the office to my house, but it stays connected ok. I think TV may be probably counting how many remote ID have you being connecting to.

  72. @Gautam
    Hello. Did you solved the problem of “commercial use suspected” on Vista?
    I’m having that issue on Windows 7, but I think the solution for Vista will work fine for Win7 too.
    I do everything fine 100% sure. Delete TV folder from appdata, delete registry entries, change MAC with SMAC, start TV. But the ID stays the same, and the problem doesn’t vanish.
    I tried almost everything – I restarted system after cleaning the registry, I cleaned registry of ALL teamviewer entries, I searched ALL hard drives for teamviewer directories and nothing – teamviewer ID stays the same.
    On XP this solution works great, but somehow on Win7 (and Vista as stated above by Marcelo) it doesn’t.

  73. Hi! I have a friend who downloaded TV but during installation forgot to choose the “non-commercial option” and now the program has expired. I gave her the instructions found here (to delete the TV folder from the appdata and to delete it from the registry) But when she re-installed it again, it told her that it has expired and gave her the same ID number she had before. I wonder if there is any other registry key where TV version 5 checks the expiry date.

  74. Hi there,
    I recently used Teamviewer to resolve a programming problen with some expert or the other. I was the payer of course.
    Can you tell me how we know whether the “expert” is abusing your system thereby making me part of the problem.
    I paid him 40$ and after the finish a screen came up saying something like “thank you for not taking advantage”….or something similar

  75. @Paul – Interesting problem. I haven’t encountered any such problem. When I can do is, research thoroughly and see if there has been any such problem and solution for such a problem. That’s the best I can do.

  76. my team viewer will not work more then 57 seconds for some reason

    is there any way t5o reset that time and let it go back up to 5 minutes
    i ldid all these steps including the mac address change
    here is the steps i followed
    1. Remove Teamviewer, delete folder Teamviewer
    2. Delete Registry
    3. Change MAC by RightClick on MyComputer -> Manage -> Device Manager -> Network Adappters -> Right Click on you NIC , choose Properties -> Advanced -> Click Choose “Network Address” -> Type 12digit in Value box (Ex : 001A3F25454E) -> OK -> Disable and Enable you NIC in Network Connections . Now your MAC was changed.
    4. Re setup Teamviewer
    is there a way to go back up to 5 min..

    thanks in advance for the replays

  77. It’s simple for me. Maybe all of you can try this :
    1. Remove Teamviewer, delete folder Teamviewer
    2. Delete Registry
    3. Change MAC by RightClick on MyComputer -> Manage -> Device Manager -> Network Adappters -> Right Click on you NIC , choose Properties -> Advanced -> Click Choose “Network Address” -> Type 12digit in Value box (Ex : 001A3F25454E) -> OK -> Disable and Enable you NIC in Network Connections . Now your MAC was changed.
    4. Re setup Teamviewer and Enjoy it now .

    Good luck !!!

  78. Fantastic. I actually have a real commercial licence but when I clone workstations the ID gets cloned too. By removing hklm/software/teamviewer and the %appdata% I can reset the ID. That’s a lot. Beforehand I always had to uninstall / reinstall tv.

  79. Hi, i used teamviewer on some friends computer, but now i can connect and i can’t do anything there but doing refresh…left click not working at all. Is anyone know what’s the problem?

  80. @Jak / Marcelo – Let me check this on Vista and get back to you guys soon. I’ll personally send out an email to you both.

  81. Gautam.

    Not worked in winvista Home Premium Sp1
    i am followed all the steps mentioned here

    any advice?


  82. Well, MAC addr couldn’t be changed but the folder and registry entries were deleted, and the program still remained blocked. The method worked fine on Windows XP, but for some reason on Windows Vista have probably recorded another registry key or something we are missing.
    Note that I’ve tested this with the last version of Teamviewer. This reset method works on Win XP, but not under Win Vista.

  83. @Marcelo, as someone mentioned its enough to remove the registry entry and the appdata-folder. Please try tht and let me know. In Vista there is no default ‘Run as administrator’ set so tht might be the issue. We can look into it if the registry entry and appdata folder deletion doesn’t work.

  84. Hi. I’ve been able to do all the steps, but couldn’t change the MAC address on Vista SP1 nor SP2. I tried deactivating the UAC feature but still didn’t let me change the MAC addr. I’ve tested several programs to change it, from the page you referenced and alsowith the Techinitium MAC Changer, but Windows Vista seems to don’t obey to them.Any ideas?

  85. @Marcelo – Were you able to find the teamviewer folder ? That’s where it keeps a list of all the entries. Frankly, this has nothing to do with the version of windows. If you were able to install teamviewer on your system, then you should be able to get rid of this problem. Please contact me if you are unable to resolve this problem and I’ll look into it.

  86. Hi, this method doesn’t work on Windows Vista. Do you know of a reliable method to do this on Vista?

  87. @Default – Thanks. But I hope this method is not used otherwise, where people actually use it for commercial purpose and try to save their skin. Teamviewer is one of the best in it’s niche and I totally respect what their product.

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