Google Web Accelerator is an application that uses the power of Google’s world PC network to make Net pages load faster. It is straightforward to use ; all you must do is download and install it, and from then on a ton of Net pages will immediately load quicker than formerly. Google Web Accelerator is at present optimized to speed up net page loading for broadband connections.

Google Web Accelerator download image

Google Web Accelerator preferences

Google Web Accelerator toolbar menu

Google Web Accelerator uses varied systems to make your Net pages load faster, including :

1> Storing copies of regularly looked at pages to make them quickly accessible,

2> Downloading only the updates if an online page has changed a little since you last viewed it,

3> Pre-fetching certain pages onto your Computer ahead,

4> Compressing information before sending it to your private PC though the Net

Google claims that they have now reached their maximum capacity of users and are actively working to increase the quantity of users they can support, you should still be prepared to download at the link below.

[ Download | Web Site ]


  1. hmmm .. point .. may be firefox should give another option which forces reloading every time 🙂 ..

    Or how about writing a new new firefox extension – “force reload”.


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