Windows Genuine Advantage(WGA) is an anti-piracy program. It checks the Operating System to determine whether the copy of the window that you are using currently is legitimate. It does so every time you boot. If the Window Automatic Updates are enabled it gets installed automatically. When you install this legalization tool, an ActiveX module is installed in the Internet Explorer.

The tool shows notifications if it fails to validate your Windows,. It will be in the form of a balloon saying that you may be a victim of software counterfeiting and your copy of window is not genuine.

You may want to remove this as once the WGA tool has verified your PC as legitimate you may not want to do it for every boot. The method to remove it has been provided by. Microsoft in it’s knowledge base (kb 921914). As the method is difficult, basic users of Windows XP may use the Remove WGA tool which does this automatically.

On using Remove WGA tool only the Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications is removed and the Windows Genuine Advantage Validation remains untouched.

There are a few other ways of disabling WGA notification. You may choose to easily disable WGA notification through your firewall. For this you will have to disable the automatic startup of wgatray.exe and wgalogon.dll through your firewall. You may also choose third party software for the purpose. There are many software which are capable of disabling WGA notifications. The notable amongst these are WGA Remover and MUBlinder.

If you have installed WGA by mistake, you may choose to use your system restore to do away with of it. You can restore your system to the point where WGA was not installed. Once you are finished doing this you will simply have to Restart your system.

Download Remove WGA tool


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