WinTabber is an online application that allows users to optimize a running program into a tab; using this application, you can create numerous tabs in the existing browser window. You can also consolidate all the tabs related to similar applications into groups and put them for display within the same window. In better words, WinTabber makes it easy to create tabs even if a program or an application is not compatible with tabbing.

This application is most used by users accessing varied information at the same time. With WinTabber, you can easily create tabbed putty, tabbed terminal and a tabbed browser to make your net searching experience more organized and comprehensible. As users have experienced, tabbing their windows makes their access to multiple websites easier by enhancing the overview of their windows. With this application you can conveniently tab any window, regardless of its support to tabs, under Windows 2000 / XP.

A tabbed window will render you an easy-to-comprehend interface that makes it convenient for the users to switch and juggle between various terminals and tabs. You can access a cleaner desktop as it groups and consolidates multiple windows into just one container. This application makes your access to the desired window much faster as you just need to click on the right tab present in the mother window. Therefore, with this container application, wherein you work with varied windows in a grouped and tabbed environment, you notice a drastic boost in your work output.

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