Today, its hard to imagine a world without computers. At the same time when something goes wrong the lay man is at a complete loss in pin pointing the source or the error of the “sickness” . One of the most common complaints with the computer is that it gets slow after a while… slow to boot… slow to carry out the commands… slow with execution… audio visual delay.. and many many more problems..

Following are a few ways in which maybe you can help fix a few of the problems:

1) De fragmenting the computer at least once a fortnight is good. It mobilizes all the files and keeps them organized giving you better usage of the available free space. It can be likened to finding things in a clean room as opposed to a cluttered one.

To defragment the computer- go to START , PROGRAMS, ACCESSORIES, SYSTEM TOOLS and finally DISK DEFRAGMENTOR. next choose the drive you want to defragment n proceed.

2) Most of  our computers are left out in the open without any cover. Over the days dust collects n we just choose to ignore it on account of laziness mostly.. 🙂 Anyway what many of us don’t know is that these unsuspiscious looking dustballs can in fact slow down the computer considerably. So make sure your computer area is kept clean; and the inside of the CPU should be vacuumed or cleaned carefully so that the wires and chips are not meddled with or moved around or dislodged.

The dust is known to obstruct specially the normal functioning of the fan placed in the CPU. It helps keep it cool inside and prevents OVERHEATING of the system and hence leads to good speed and better functioning.

3) RAM  of less than 512mb can pose a problem for those individuals who use the computer very frequently. An upgradation will do wonders to the speed. I guess its the same as nitro boost to cars.

4) There  are certain programs which are known as “resource hogs”. They utilize a lot of the system’s resources and hence slow it down majorly.

For example anti viruses like Norton and Mcaffe are good no doubt in scooping out viruses from every knook and corner but they really slow down the system. Other anti viruses like Avast or even AVG are good added with the benefit of not hogging the system’s resources.

These are just a few ways in which one could improve the speed of their computers. Any other suggestions or methods are more than welcome here. 🙂


  1. Apart from becoming sluggish, my laptop is beginning to shudder while in use and when not in use – can I do anything to counteract this?

  2. in my comp a image file is i think infected with a trojen dsnt delets and it apears in every folder, i had formatted my all data on hard and reinstalled window xp thrice but it didnt help…i had use many antivirus bt use less,its name is inthis form image.exe,wht i do

  3. wat is the procedure to delete or take out unnecessary files that start up with the system? isnt that also one of the reasons for slowing down the computer?


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