How to Take Screenshot Image in iPhone 3 G or iPhone and iPod Touch 2.0 with No Screen Shot Feature

The new iPhone and iPod Touch powered OS version of firmware 1.x do not contains an inbuilt function or application to capture the screenshot or to take screen snapshot image. Due to this drawback of iPod Touch and iPhones, the users tend to hack the iPhone or iPod by installing and running a third-party software, which provides screenshot capture utility.

However, no such effort is necessary as the new OS software version of iPhone firmware has a built-inn utility, which helps the user with taking screenshots. Users of iPhone and iPod Touch who upgrade the original firmware software to firmware OS v2.0 and above are provided with this utility. The users of Apple iPhone or iPod Touch with other features such as App Store along with iPhone 3G, can derive the benefit from the built-in screenshot capture utility added newly.

This inbuilt feature provides very easy method for taking screenshot, and there is no need of downloading and installing any sort of third party application.

In order to take the image of the screen or to take the screenshot in devices of apple such as iPhone 2.0 device, also in iPhone 3G (by default iPhone 3G has firmware software version v2.0), and iPod Touch 2.0 you have to just press the “Home”option and key naming “Sleep/Wake (On/Off)” present at the top of the mobile screen simultaneously.

As soon as completing the above process, the screen of Apple device will make a flash and the screenshot image will be stored and saved automatically in the iPhone or iPod Touch.


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