If you are a web develop, then one of the most common issues you face is browser compatibility. In my previous post, I wrote about a few tools to test browser compatibility

I found another interesting tool that will help you analyze what your website will look like across different versions of Internet Explorer. IETester from DebugBar is a free tool that lets you visualize what your website looks like in Internet Explorer 5.5 , 6, 7 and 8.

How To Test Website On Different Version Of IE - IE8, IE7, IE6 and IE5.5

It can be installed on Vista and XP, and if you are using Windows 7 you are in for a bit of bad luck as the current version of IETester does not work on Windows 7 !

[ Download IETester ]


  1. @Jermaine – Have you upgraded to the latest version of IE7. Can you provide details of the IE7 build version and tell me the exact steps to replicate the bug.

    Another advice is, have you started using IE8, may be the fix is in there. Unless you are using IE7 for testing a website or any other specific purpose, it is safer and better to shift to IE8 for faster browsing experience. Do consider it.

  2. @Jack – All these browsers will not be on your system, instead they’ll be some client’s server. So you don’t need to have windows, you can use any browser to connect to the site and check it from there.

  3. @ Ali Qayyum
    Your comment doesn’t have anything in common with this article. Link you provided only shows how will the page look on different screen resolutions, but doesn’t show how will the page look in different versions of Internet Explorer. If you just wanted to promote your blog, this is not the right way of doing it…


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