Identifying The Unknown Email Address using Google Calendar

Sometimes, when we receive an important email from our friends, we may find few unfamiliar email address copied (cc) on the mail. These addresses may belong to our friends or it may be unidentified.

We often wonder how to find the names of these people, as, if the person who is copied is not known to us, we may filter or block the email address. If you are interested in finding the name of the person and if these email addresses are using any of the google services, we can find the names behind these unknown email addresses.

By single login to Gmail, the users can consolidate with other services of Google, as there are tie-ups between users’ Gmail and Google’s other services. One of such useful services is Google Calendar. Using google calendar, we can identify the names behind these unidentified email addresses. Below are the few steps to track the names.

  1. Log in to the google calendar
  2. Click on your name to find a sub menu
  3. On the sub menu, click on the “Share this Calendar” option
  4. Now, enter the unknown email address in the box provided as “Person”
  5. Click on save.

Now, if you type the email address again, we can see the sub menu showing the name and email address. Learn how to personalize your Google calendar.


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