Send and receive files between any computers that have different Operating Systems installed on them and are on the same network.

Lets say a friend walks in to your house and you both have some data that you’d want to share mutually. It will be simple task if you both are on similar Operating system, but if that’s not the case what would will you do ?

If you both are using different systems, but are on the same network, then both of you can download and use LanStick. There is a dropzone in LanStick, where you drop the files and other users who are sharing the same network, can access those files.

How To Transfer Files Between Systems With Different Operating Systems On A Network<br />

Transferring files is easy as breeze, just select the files you want to transfer and click the IP address of the destination PC and click Send File Button.

Very handy tool in universities mostly where you’ll find equal number of Mac users and Windows Users ! LanStick is supported on Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

[ Download LanStick ]


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