Migration from other emails to Gmail just became easier with a great new feature offered by Google. With this great new feature there no need to spend hours doing just about everything, from importing contacts to forwarding of manual mails when you switch to a different email provider. Instead simply import emails and contacts from Yahoo, AOL and Hotmail along with other webmail and POP3 accounts by using just your username and password.

The only glitch is that this feature is available only to new Gmail users for a limited test period of thirty days for checking if they like the service. Users who have created a new account within the past thirty days can view this feature as “Accounts and Import” tab till their one month period. Pressing on this button allows users to import contacts and forward the existing and future mails. This service is unfortunately not available to old users.

This certainly is a bold move by Google to capture the user base and loyal users from other services. Marketing and user base wars !!

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