How To ‘Un’Hibernate (Disable Hibernation) A Computer / Laptop

Here’s a question Leanne asked me :

Could you tell me how to ‘un’ hybernate my laptop. Somehow I put it into Hybernate and now it won’t turn back on! What have I done??? Please help, thank you.


For those who are looking for – ‘How to hibernate my laptop / computer‘ read the post.

The process of Un-hibernating a laptop / computer is almost similar. Follow the steps:

1) Go to Control Panel.
2) Double click “Power Options
3) From the Power Options window select ‘Hibernate’ tab.
4) Uncheck ‘Enable hibernation’ and click Apply.

There is also another procedure to disable Hiberate feature on your computer. Steps are
1) Click on Start and then click Run.
2) Type “powercfg.cpl” and hit Enter.
3) Now from “Power Options” window select ‘Hibernate’ tab.
4) Uncheck ‘Enable hibernation’ and click Apply.

4 Replies to “How To ‘Un’Hibernate (Disable Hibernation) A Computer / Laptop”

  1. @Leanne – I do not think it’s hibernate problem in that case. I guess you should get a computer techies help and get it checked.

  2. Thank you so much for your help. The only problem is I can’t even turn the laptop back on. I have taken the battery out and the mains to try reset it, but to no avail. So without being able to turn it back on, I can’t get into the control panel, etc. Is there any way I can reboot it? Thank you for trying to help me 🙂

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