This tool makes it easy to unlock the users who get locked out and aids the administrator of the system when a user is locked out of an active directory domain. It just became much easier to unlock a locked account.

This unlock tool is a relatively small application which resides in the tray bar. It is used for unlocking computer accounts instantly in an environment which is enabled. Also, it can be utilized to delegate the unlocking of user accounts for end users sans fear of compromising the security of the active directory. It utilizes smart encryption and unlocking credentials which can be assigned to a user who is global and does not need to be the current user.

Delegation of unlocking user accounts using this software is utilized by hundreds of companies around the world who have numerous licenses running throughout their organization. One of the positive results of the system is that the IT support staff gets more efficient in their work with this software because they are the ones who most often get notified the quickest about locked out accounts. This makes the IT Departments more available and proactive with their services in the business.

This software makes it easier to unlock a locked account. In this version several errors in the authentication procedure that occurred under Windows Vista and Windows 2008 were changed and corrected. The application has had some minor touch up at the same time and the name was changed.

Try Active Directory Unlock Users for yourself and see just how useful it can be for you.

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