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If you move into a new place, then messages from your old mailing list on gets annoying. My job requires me to change locations often. When ever I move into a new place, is one of my best sources to find and meet like minded people.

But when I move out of that place, I would not like to be notified about whats happening around in the previous place ! In fact it doesn’t make sense for me to receive messages or updates from the old place. (If you know meetup, it is very location specific. That’s their USP.)

I really tried hard to find if there was a way to unsubscribe from, but I could not find a solution. The best I could find was :

How to unsubscribe from

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But this is an old pic, and you don’t find the option “Not at all” any more. The current version of’s membership communication looks like :

How to unsubscribe from

I overlooked that tiny “Leave this Meetup Group” . It makes sense to leave a group if you are no more interested in that topic or do not reside in that place and hence MeetUp decided to remove the “Not at all” option. Very sensible !!

Here’s how you can unsubscribe from / leave a MeetUp Group :

1> Login to your account –

2> Click the “Membership and Communications” tab.

3> Click on “Leave this Meetup Group“.

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