How to Change the Default Time of Reloading Of Live Bookmarks Feature in Firefox 3

Firefox 3 has added very useful feature which is named as Live Bookmarks Feature. With the help of this feature, users can keep track of most recent updates of their favorite website or blogs. For example, the feature alerts the user when CNN website publishes or includes a new post of news. It basically informs the user about latest news from CNN.

Using Live Bookmark Feature, as a  user you can keep the track of latest updates on your favorite websites. This feature notifies the user when the favorite websites like CNN publishes new post or latest news from Bloomberg. Many expert users might have already observed that, Firefox has a default program which refreshes and reloads the Live Bookmarks every hour. However, the hourly updates might not be as frequent as your requirements.

You can make few changes to “about:config” by including new plus unlisted preference.

Following is the step by step guidelines for completion of the process: –

1. Firstly open the Firefox 3 browser installed in your computer.

2. In location bar just type “about:config”. The warning message will be displayed as usual to remind you.

3. Then go to “Preferences listing” option. Right click at any point below this column. Select “New” after that again select “Integer” in the appeared sub-menu.

4. A new dialog box such as “New Integer Value” will be displayed. After displaying the box, you have to enter the following text into it then hit OK.

browser.bookmarks.livemark_refresh_seconds” (type without quotes)

5. Subsequently you will be asked to enter digit or integer for the preferred update rate in seconds. For an example, if you want update rate 2 minutes, then you have to enter input digit as 120).

6. In the end hit OK button, and you’re all set to go.


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