How to Upgrade Windows XP to Windows 7

Are you holding back your persuasion to upgrade your Windows XP to Windows 7? There is no more need to resist your enticement and temptation because Microsoft has released note that Windows XP can be converted to Windows 7.  However, Windows XP users need to get a genuine product key of Windows 7 and properly install it on their computers.

Now users can easily buy Windows 7 upgrade product key and install this latest version on their computer which will definitely increase the working efficiency.

Since windows7 is completely featured with latest features, users wish to install it on their computer. At the same time, with the purchase cost of Windows 7 upgrade product key, users will get a cheaper upgrade path which enables them to directly upgrade their system from windows XP to Windows 7, instead of spending twice the money on upgrading windows XP to Vista then Vista to Windows 7.

On the other hand Vista user will enjoy clear path to upgrade Windows 7 operating system with “in-place upgrade” feature through which existing data will be remained and preserved intact after upgrading.

Windows XP user will get more tools and support from the Microsoft to upgrade windows 7 properly on computer. Microsoft is delivering full support to Windows XP users to switch over Windows 7 latest version operating system. As far as the concern about support goes, Microsoft intends to encourage Windows XP users to upgrade their version to Windows 7 by providing them extended support associated with mainstream support.

Since the mainstream has limited supports such as bug fixes, security patches, and updates to entire system, while extended support provide security updates to users excluding non-security hotfixes because this service is only for companies that have enabled Software Assurance contract with Microsoft.

To encourage Windows XP users, Microsoft has expanded its services and supports so every Windows XP users find easy way to upgrade Windows 7 operating system.

Finally, there are three upgrade alternatives available depending on the operating system version such as Windows XP to Windows 7, Windows Vista to Windows 7, and Windows 7 to Windows 7 (Windows Anytime Upgrade) where user can upgrade lower version Windows 7 to higher and advanced version Windows 7.  This operating system has six basic startups such as Starter, Home Premium, Home Basic, Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate. Users can choose any of them to install on their computer.


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