If you have a Sony Ericsson Phone then you mostly will be aware that you can upload new themes on your phone, so as to give it a new look as and when you want.

A friend recently wasn’t sure how to upload new themes to her Sony Ericsson Phone and I thought to myself that there will be a lot of other folks who’ll be looking for this information and hence this article, for all those who want to upload new themes for their Sony Ericsson Phones.

1> Plug the phone to your computer, either with the cable that comes along when you bought the phone or link it to your laptop / computer with ‘Bluetooth’ if the facility is available.

2> Once your phone is paired with your system, you’ll see a new drive which’ll say ‘PHONE CARD‘, double click on it and open the folder.

3> Here you’ll see a few folders, search for ‘MSSEMC‘ folder and double click on it and open it.

4> Open folder ‘Media files‘ in which you’ll find the folder ‘theme

5> Drag and drop the theme you want, into this folder (it should be a .thm file) and you are done.

You can download free sony ercisson themes from www.sonyericssonthemes.net .


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