Supervision Cam is an application that lets you turn your computer into a video or security surveillance system. What the Supervision Cam does is it compares by capturing pictures from cameras at regular intervals that you have defined.

Some of the activities are as follows:

* It can save images on your hard disk as PNG, JPG or BMP.
* It can also play back a sound file.
* It could forward a message to computers within a network.
* It could initiate a program.

Supervision Cam captures all the images within the time intervals specified by the user. The users can also use this as a Web cam program. This application is really easy to use as it is not complicated at all. This program can also collect image files from the Internet Webcam. Listed below are some of the additional features that a supervision cam can give to its users.

* It can support a wide variety of capture boards and cameras.
* It has provisions to connect one or more cameras at the same time.
* It supports various languages such as Italian, English, French, German, Portuguese and Dutch.
* It also gives the users the option to add descriptions or a logo to the picture.
* You can create a mirror image or even rotate the picture.
* Quick print review or direct printing options of the captured image are some of the other options.
* It also gives certain advanced features to the print function.
* You can also save all your settings in documented format.
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