Enhance your Windows Management Experience

The internet is advancing day by day to make our working experiences less time consuming and easier. One of the good examples for advancements can be seen on a new feature launched by Gridmove.

Many times while working over the internet, we might need to open multiple windows at a time. We may need to display all of these windows on the screen at the same time for our working purpose.

This may happen when we need to refer to some charts on a website for a particular report, or while creating any other document which requires help from one website or more. It gets very tedious if one needs to open a window, read, then minimize, and then again get back to the report.

In order to remove this drawback, Gridmove has brought in this new feature which allows you to open all the windows on your screen at once, and effectively divide the screen such that all the windows are easily readable and manageable.

This can also be done manually by adjusting each window and then aligning them, but this surely is a very time consuming method. This is where Gridmove is greatly helpful. This tool helps you to effectively manage your windows with the minimum effort.

The Gridmove is a free program and can be easily downloaded from the web. This tool works by forming a visual grid on the screen of the computer i.e. the desktop. The grids make it easier to resize the windows and place them accurately on the screen so that the whole screen area is properly utilized. There are many templates already designed with any version of Gridmove. These templates can be altered to suit the user’s requirements.

The key features of this tool are three different types of interaction methods, several alterable grid templates, ability to maximize windows vertically and horizontally, full keyboard support, customizable hotkeys and interface, can create dynamic custom grids, easy to install and uninstall, complete help provided, and multi-monitor support.

[ Download GridMove ]


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