Test Your Webpage in different browsers at BrowserShots.org

If you maintain a webpage on the Internet, you have to ensure that your webpage is not distorted in different browsers. People all over the world use many different types of browsers, each with its own set of customized features as dictated by the user. Among so many varieties, it is quite possible that you website/blog is viewed in an altered manner.

The most common distortions that people encounter are – the navigation bar is shifted to the end of the page below everything else; page width is wider than the screen resolution can accommodate; sometimes just one side of the page is visible; jumbled layout of the page elements; and JavaScript errors. The only way to resolve this problem is to test run your webpage on different browsers to see if it loads properly. However, it is impossible to have every browser installed on your PC. In such a situation, BrowserShots.org can be a great help for you.

BrowserShots.org is a free open source service available on the web that allows you to test your webpage in different web browsers without having to install any of them on your PC. It creates screenshots of the submitted webpage design in various browsers and presents them to you.

After you submit the URL of your page at BrowserShots.org, it is added to a queue. When your number is reached, several computers are directed to access your site in different browsers and take screenshots. These screenshots are then presented to you at the main BrowserShots.org site.

BrowserShots.org supports numerous browsers across Windows, Mac, and Linux OSs and their different releases. Hence, you get a comprehensive result in the end.

Test how your website / webpage looks differently on different browsers at http://browsershots.org/

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