SocketSniff is a freeware that lets you view for each chosen process, the related Windows Socket action. Besides exhibiting a list of Windows Sockets the software also displays additional concomitant information like socket type and handle, local and distant addresses and ports, sum total of bytes sent or received and lots more.

The process chosen must be one which has been previously loaded in the winsock library so that the software functions properly. Apart from Windows Socket information SocketSniff also permits you to view the substance of calls sent or received in the Hex Dump or ASCII format.

This software is compatible with Windows 2000/XP/2003/2008/Vista/7. The compatibility with Windows 7 is the new feature added to the latest version 1.05 of the SocketSniff software. The software can be executed in Windows Vista which has its User-Account-Control switched.

How To View Socket Information Of Windows Processes

The only condition is that process that you want to choose for inspection should operate in the identical security context and account as SocketSniff. For instance to examine a process that operates with administrator account, the software should be also operated as administrator.

The software is very easy to use as it does not need an installation procedure or extra DLL files. The executable file has to be simply run for using the freeware.

SocketSniff can be translated to different languages. The translation steps when completed will convert dialogs, menus and strings to the other language. And the converted strings will be obtained from language file.

The software can be run without translation even after the conversion steps have been completed by changing the name of the language file or alternatively by changing the location of the file to some other folder.

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