As soon as we launch Internet explorer, our system becomes vulnerable to numerous attacks by email scams called phishing and viruses. Apart from the viruses, phishing is the latest to impose threat to the safety of our system. Phishing also known as email scams are in form of lures such as lotteries etc. Such mails ask you mention your bank account, pay pal id, email id. They coax you to reveal your personal details to fraudulent websites. To save yourself from these harmful attacks, you have to launch measures to save your system. Protection tools from Iconix offer some of the most reliable measures to shield your system.

When you install the tool from Iconix, it automatically adds visual identity measure to all the emails. This tool launches stringent verifying measures to check the identity of the purported sender. It launches the verification process in three steps.

The first is the authenticity test of the mail. In this step, the Iconix mail ID checks all the emails in your inbox. It optimizes latest security measures like domain key, Sender ID to check the authenticity of the email.

The second step is the identification of the sender. In this step the id of the sender is verified against the list of clients of ICONIX, Inc.

If an email clarifies the first two tests, a truemark icon gets displayed against the particular email. If no such mark appears, then the email might be a scam. You must delete that email immediately from your system.

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