If you want to monitor all the Bluetooth activities in your surrounding then you can use BluetoothView, a freeware intended for this purpose. BluetoothView runs silently in the background, perceives and scrutinizes bluetooth contrivance activity surrounding you. It notifies discovery of a Bluetooth gadget by producing a beep sound and showing a balloon in the taskbar.

Besides the noticed Bluetooth apparatus it also exhibits other correlated valuable information such as Device name and type, Primary and final spotting time, chief and minor gadget type, Bluetooth address and lots more. Company name of every Bluetooth gadget can be obtained if you download and place a special external file in the software folder and save as oui.txt. The description field is especially useful as it lets you describe the device in brief for easy perception of the gadget in future.

Through its function BluetoothView v1.25 allows you to know when your family members or neighbors approach home before they ring the doorbell, or when they depart from home provided the Bluetooth facility on their mobile phone is switched on.

The software also has the ability to connect to Bluetooth gadgets for testing. It then closes connection without sending information to the gadget. For this utility to work effectively your operating system must be Windows XP with SP2, Windows 7 or Windows Vista. Other system requirements are Bluetooth Dongle and a gadget driver that is compatible with the Bluetooth module of previously mentioned operating systems.

Being a standalone executable you can operate the software simply by running the executable file after copying it to a desired folder. No difficult installation procedure or extra DLL files are needed.

Unlike the previous editions of the software the latest version 1.25 has the ability to speak the chosen text as and when a new Bluetooth device is spotted. This feature can be accessed through the advanced options menu.  You can translate this software into various languages. It is also supported by email assistance that helps in resolving bugs and other problems that the user faces while operating this utility.

[ Download BlueToothView ]


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