If you watch a movie on Megavideo, there is a 72 minutes limit after which you’ll have to wait for an hour before you can watch the rest of the movie.

This trick has been working for me and I believe it’ll work for everyone. I watch movies on Firefox.

Trick #1:

If you do not have Firefox download it form here.

** This part is very important **

Then stream the movie completely. To stream the movie start the video and when it starts playing, pause it till the complete movie is buffered.

Then start playing the movie. When it hits 72 mins, you’ll see a message saying you’ll have to wait for another 1 hour before you can watch the rest of the movie. When this happens,

1> Click on File
Select Work Offline.
3> Ensure you are not connected to the internet. Open a new tab and try opening any website. You should not be able to.
4> Now again click on File,
5> Un-check Work Offline by clicking on it again. This will put you back online.
6> Now refresh the movie page.

This will start playing the movie again. This has always worked fine for me. Alternatively, you can download the complete movie from Megavideo.

Trick #2:

1> Stream the complete movie. Follow the steps are mentioned above.

2> Once the movie is streamed, use VideoCacheView a software to download video files from the web browser cache.

Let me know your experience.


  1. @Zara – It will, but if both users are accessing Megavideo from the same network, then the cumulative amount of time will be considered. So each will be able to watch a sum total of 72 minutes worth of movies.

  2. I have tried the offline mode method, tried locking down my firewall completely with mcafee which blocks all outgoing and ingoing traffic, even turned off my modem and it hasn’t worked. I tried VideoCacheView, sometimes it works, sometimes it dosn’t. If I use the computer for the 1st time for the day it is possible get the whole movie, other times the whole movie is downloaded on megavideo but on my computer only part is stored. I dont watch it on Megavideo at all and I don’t understand why this is happening and it really sucks as I live in the Caribbean and my options for viewing videos limited. HHHHEEELLLLLPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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