Watch TV Online for Free: Download the TVUPlayer

TVUPlayer is a program that lets you view high quality global TV content on your PC. The California-based TVU Networks have released this application recently in the market of TV service providers to computers. TVUPlayer enables you to watch TV content using a broadband net connection. For people stuck in a place where the local cable TV providers do not supply a good variety of TV channels, and for those who are genuine TV addicts – TVUPlayer is a great option to access superb TV at zero cost.

TVUPlayer works on a new technology called Real Time Packet Replication that is simply a TV version of the already famous peer-to-peer technology. All the viewers are responsible for the net strength of the signal that any particular user is going to receive. However, TVUPlayer does not store any files on the hard disk drive of the PC. Also, it is one of the few P2PTV services that is not based in China – unlike PPLive, TVAnts, PPStream, and the others.

Apart from the fact that TVUPlayer supports numerous channels (and then some more), another key feature of this amazing utility is that it lets you broadcast your own channel. TVUPlayer’s free-of-cost broadcast application has minimal setup requirements and enables users from all over the globe to view your video stream.

You can download the latest version of TVUPlayer from here and the beta desktop application from here.

Download this tool to get complete freedom from cable TV splitters and signal amplifiers and hooking up lines with your local cable TV providers and all of those headaches.


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