There are not many who do not like the game of cricket. It is a game which people all over the world rave about. So this is definitely for those cricket lovers out there who would not like to miss even a single ball. You can stay connected with cricket scores and videos of great moments through your iDevices.

Up to date it was Willow who had made all this possible, but now Apple too has shared the responsibility of bringing to the fans live cricket. Willow enables you to watch video highlights and scoreboards, most popular videos, watch video commentary, interactive scoreboard, latest results will be streamed as well !

If you are keen on learning more about India vs. New Zealand, you can do it by downloading Willow TV application on your iDevice via the iTunes Store. You can even witness the first match of 3 at Ahmedabad. A better more advance version with much more details, [especially live streaming] will soon be launched.

For more information go to Its monthly subscription comes at $14.99/month live streaming added with highlights and replay. Personally, instead of making the fee per month, they should come up with a pro-rata basis, i.e. users pay for what they watch, as users choice will be kept in mind and they will not be forced to pay for the matches they do not wish to watch.

Interactive video scorecards and 2009/2010 Archives are also available. They have packages for details of tours of Srilanka and Australia etc. to sum up; it is an all-in-all cricket app, which will be the joy of cricket lovers!



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