After a point of time in the notebook’s life, the battery backup starts to go down and one has to do everything possible to get the maximum out of the aging battery. In such a situation, if you have installed Windows Vista on your notebook, then you face a lot of background processes that drain your battery quite quickly. This is where the Vista Battery Saver utility comes really handy.

The Vista Battery Saver utility is a simple tool that, once installed, keeps a check on whether the notebook is running on AC power or battery – and once the notebook starts running on battery, it automatically switches off some of the processes that can drain the power. Aero and the Windows Sidebar are two examples of processes that are turned off. Again, once the battery is hooked up to AC power, it re-enables these processes and things go back to normal.

Although most of these settings are there in the Vista Advanced Power Settings dialog, the Vista Battery Saver application presents them in a simple, easy-to-use interface that even beginners can understand. Moreover, it uses only a meager 5.5M memory while running in the taskbar and consumes 0% of CPU resources. Also, there are other customized settings in the software that lets you set when it will operate – such as a threshold battery level below which it will act, which processes in particular it should kill off, etc.

You should definitely find more about Vista Battery Saver at Codeplex, or download it right now.


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