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  • MIke

    how long does it take before the account is restored

  • Normal process takes anywhere from 24 – 72 hrs. In unique cases where YouTube staff finds something fishy, it can take upto 14 days.

  • Renzel

    Video and comment can’t be restored, Right?
    But how about Friends, Subscriber and favorite? Can be restore?

  • @Renzel – Any meta data related to the user will be deleted, when you delete your account, Which means, except for your username, all other details related to you – your videos, comments, friends, subscribers, favorite, everything will be deleted.

  • confused

    wait so.. i put my username in which is closed and my email i used for that account right?

  • @confused – You are right.

  • eve


    Youtube support had sent email to me saying my deleted account has been restored. But when I tried to log in numerous times – I can’t, it directs me back to the youtube homepage with a tag at the top asking me to ‘Please check your username’. Funny coz I know i signed in the correct username. I’ve always signed in (prior to me deleting my account) using my gmail google account (the same one when I created the account and log in as well).

    Any ideas? Thanks.

  • Zac

    Shot bo!!! I need everything delleted people are calling me a runescape nerd

  • connie

    ok..im in a stick situation.
    1. i have this account i want to reopen cos i deleted it by accident.
    2. after i accidently deleted that account i created a new account on that email.
    1. i deleted the second account,
    2. i got an email saying i can log in to the second account again
    it either when i log in
    1. says i have deleted this account
    2. username or password is incorrect?

    yeah sorry if its really confusing. and where am i supposed to log in, just at the yt homepage?

  • connie

    sorry i i meant i got an email saying i could log into the FIRST account again.

  • I want to ask one thing. I’ve deleted my account because I couldn’t figure out how to rename my channel. How can I get a new account with the name I like with same gmail’s email address.

  • manu

    please help me i got my you tube account deleted and now i can not access in my account , can u please help

  • manu

    my id is manuuvsfifa

  • @Manu – Manu please follow the steps mentioned in the post and write to YouTube dept and they’ll definitely help you out.

  • ahaha

    how do you ‘accidentally’ delete your account 😛

  • Blah

    That’s not at all true that all information related to the account will be deleted. I’ve seen 2 people in the last month close their account, and then a few days later the account is reopened, and it looks exactly as it did before it was closed. Comments, friends, pictures – everything.

    You should update your information.

  • @Blah – May be they have changed the policy now and I haven’t checked it in a while. Thanks for updating.

  • Andreas

    i forgot my username can someone help me how i can find my username or how i can change my username

  • @Andreas – Do you remember the mail id your username was linked with ? If it is your present gmail account, then you can go to your Google Accounts and access YouTube from there.

  • Andreas

    i don’t have a mail with an id

  • @Andreas – So how did you manage to create an account with you tube then ?

  • Alfie

    Thankyou so much. Big help =)

  • Andreas

    i deleded the mail

  • yaroslav

    this is not work

  • RAfael

    This wouldn’t be happening if youtube was smart enough to send a confirmation e-mail to confirm that you want to infact delete the account. Youtube’s current method is dangerous, a compromised account can easily be deleted at will because no confirmation is required…..youd think youtube would know better, thats just sad.

  • bex

    Will you get your favs back

  • Fraser

    I have about over 7 accounts using the same email (Don’t Ask)
    Will I still be able to restore the account?

  • me

    I just passed by to say hi :)

  • i mistakenly deleted myself from my admin list on ilike.com, now i cant manage my profile anymore, what do i do,please i need helf…wanna edit and upgrade my profile.

  • by mistaken i delete my account how can i get back it

  • nestor

    quise borrar un video que fue subida cancelada en la lista de mis subidas y en lugar de ponerla en borrar video la puse en borrar esa lista y se me fueron todos los que tenia en esa lista you tube deberia de poner esta advertencia usted desea borrar el video en cuestion o usted desea borrar la lista entera ese es un error de you tube en no poner mensajes de advertencias

  • @Nestor – Translated version from Spanish
    “I wanted to remove a video that was uploaded canceled in the list of my up and instead of making it to erase to erase video I put that list and I were all I had in that list you tube to put this warning should you want to delete the video in question or you want to delete the entire list that’s a you tube error in failing to put warning messages”

  • Nick

    How Long Is It Until They Send You An Email? Is It Immediatly Or In THe Next Day Or SO ?

  • Mari

    I want to reopen my account because the videos I uploaded where saved on a computer of mine that crashed and I wasn’t able to recover the videos from the hard drive. My hopes were that I could reopen it to get my videos back because there were some important ones but I had to delete my account. From my understanding, those videos will no longer be there though as you say….am I reading correctly?

  • @Mari – The chances that the videos will be still available are very slim. However, if you did not make those videos private, then chances are, you still might find them on YouTube. You can only hope and test your luck. Keep me posted about how it goes and Good luck!

  • Is it possible to get youtube account back even if you deleted??

  • @Rina – You can get your account back, but the chances of recovering the content in your account is very doubtful.


    Thanks, trying to get my old account.
    One question: I “lost” my “friends”, but do I still have the possibility to add them as friend again??? Just asking . . . that was a dumb question, but I don’t remember.

  • @Crackhead – Yes, you can add them as friends account. It’s just as simple as, you unfriended them for whatever personal reasons, and now you are friend’ing them again :)

  • Freddy

    Hey, would you happen to know about how much time you got before your channel is definitely deleted? I mean, I suppose if I asked youtube after 1 month to restore my account, it wouldn’t really happen. I just wonder this, as I in fact would like to restore my account after 3 months. stupidily I miss the videos there and so on…

  • @Freddy – Normally, when the user is deleted the channel also gets deleted from your account. However, the channel might be available for public use, but not under your name. The only way to figure out is by regaining access to your YouTube account.

  • Freddy

    Hmm I see that I got it wrongly formulated as I was actually thinking og the account, but I guess it counts for both. How could a channel be available for public use if it’s not owned by anyone btw? Thanks for your reply :)

  • luke

    Hi so I went to the help center and went to the reopen account stuff and entered my username and email address that I used for the account I deleted and then it says “Thank you for contacting us”. Should I try to log in right after that or should I wait 24-72 hrs as the first answer said?

  • @Luke – Please wait till they get back to you.

  • SF

    i just want my original youtube username back thats it.

  • SF

    anyone tell me how much time does it take to recover the youtube account??

  • Akuhei Ryoku

    All I got was it saying it never existed when clearly it did

  • Ryukrieger

    I just want to ask, I deleted my account yesterday and I want to use that name for another account (my friends have been bothering me for that account since I always into things and such, so I just want to close it for a while).
    I close it yesterday and it seems they have quiet down, but I don’t want to reopen that account since they all know the links to my old videos, I want to create another account with the same name, is that possible?

  • If you open another account with the same name, you’ll not have any links from the previous upload, however, your friends might just get back and send messages again. Think about it.

  • Hi, i didn’t delete my account, my password was saved, and then my friend saved his passwords, then the cookies had an epic battle, and apparently his won. I went through the steps, now what…

  • David Moore

    I don’t remember my google account address so is it possible to reopen said youtube account?

  • @David – I doubt if you can re-open your account if you do not know your google account email address. Do you atleast remember the e-mail id ?

  • sean

    Hi I did the steps and when I go to the site is says there is no such user, and when I go to my email it is just a thanks for registering email and the only link is a 2 min video and some other stuff about what I can do on youtube.

  • @Sean – Was this email linked to YouTube account previously ? This works only for those email ids to which YouTube was linked and later deleted. For fresh ones you have to register from start.

  • mimz

    hmmmm ihave an acc in zwinky but this days it dose not open cuz someone from my house deleted the website n i cant returen it back i wanna know the way plzzzzzzzz help me

  • mimz

    plzzzzzzzz ppli realy need help

  • @Mimz – Did they delete your account with Zwinky? They cannot delete Zwinky, because Zwinky will be hosted on other servers and no one else other than admin will have rights to those servers.

    Can you please elaborate on the issue you are facing. Thanks.

  • Zimm

    I forgot my username and my password to my youtube account, so it tried the one that asks you e-mail for your username, it keeps on saying “Unkown e-mail: the email you entered is not entered on to the system, please try again.” I tried making an account with the same email but it says it has been used for an account. What’s the problem? Need solutions. Tnx.

  • mimz

    no i mean the website is deleted n i cant open if i wrote the link it just says we cant connect to thes web site
    i realy dno how to get it back :(

  • Swerty

    i not deleted my youtube account, but why his who deleted???? please!! help me!!! who hacked my account??? ??? youtube can to be hacking????

  • Swerty

    i uploaded music videos on youtube. some time later, i see my channel closed “this user deleted himself account”. But i’m not deleted!!!! so who deleted my youtube channel?? gosh!!!!!! ????????? what is ???

  • Swerty

    how deleted my youtube account??? password know only i’m. who deleted my account??? i’m not deleted !!!! how such can be??? “this user deleted himself account”. but i’m not deleted !!!

  • User73

    Hi, I did exactly what you said and it worked. But my account is still not reactivated. Now what? How long do I have to wait for YouTube to reactivate my account? Your help is much appreciated.

  • fernando

    How long does it take for it to be useable again?

  • Marina

    I got my account back…. youtube.com/iSPOOK12

  • aamit wraj

    Youtube/Gmail integration has always been a tricky affair for all of me…I even messed up with my other accounts…to fix all this,I frantically all the usernames at Youtube to recreate everything right from the scratch…But I had no hint if this could be restored…yet another crappy affair…but the above post helped it a lot !!!
    Three Cheers for it :)

  • muffinizer1

    Did somebody else use your computer, if so, they could have done it without even realizing it by logging on themselves and accidentally clicking remember me.

  • Jessica

    I did what you told me to do, it still says permanently deleted. How long does it take before it restores?

  • Hi,
    To everyone that is wondering how long it takes for your account to be re-activated, the estimated time is 3-4 days.

    @Swerty, your accout was probably deleted for violating copyright (by uploading the music vide)

  • godaddy

    i have done the thing to get my deleted account back and it doesnt seem to be working i was wondering how long it takes to get it beck after doing the stuff

  • Noah James

    i deleted my google account and now my youtubes gone is there any way to retrieve my youtube

  • @Noah – Never tried this situation, try creating a new account with the old name, see what response u get, keep me informed.

  • Rob

    Hey, thanks it really worked! ( :

  • Dashti

    hey i did everything like ur points but i didnt recive any email or something like this what should to do

  • @Dashti – did you check your spam mails ?

  • John

    I deleted my old YouTube account, along with my old, Gmail/Google account.

    I created a new Google account and a new YouTube account.

    In YouTube, while searching for some of my old favorite YouTube videos, in the search results I found my old Playlists from my old account. They weren’t deleted with my old account. I couldn’t access my old account, but apparently, YouTube doesn’t remove your old Playlists.

    I then clicked on the Playlist button on the search results page to pull up all the Playlists… I clicked on my old Playlist to load it. It began playing the first video in the Playlist… at the bottom of the screen, I clicked on Options, then Save As New Playlist… entered a New Playlist name… clicked on Save… and whallah! My old Playlist was saved to my New Account.

    The trick is to find your old Playlists so you can save them to your new account. I hope this helps someone. Good Luck.

  • maribel

    can not open may youtube website. what would i do to retrieve may youtube website. please help!!!!!!!!!!!

  • roshmae

    i deleted my youtube account accidentally, i was thinking that it will not be deleted if my gmail account will be deleted since i used my yahoo account when i registered in youtube and then linked it to my gmail acoount……. i did all the steps, but i used my yahoo account when they asked for an email add…is it still possible that i could get my youtube account back?

  • @Roshmae – Yes you can …

  • what if i forgot my password?please help me i want to restore that account

  • Blaze

    Im not getting the email… What do i do?

  • Blaze

    Wait! Nevermind! I just got the email!

  • Flame

    So wait I had 200 subscribers, will I get those back or no?

  • @Flame – I doubt if you’ll get back your subscribers.

  • pasha

    im lost how long does it take for youtube to recover your account?

  • Hey!
    I was a bit pissed when I closed my account and the user was the best one open.
    Now though I closed the account. I can’t make a new account with that user.
    So, here I tried to reopen it, and it says “Please make sure the username you’re entering is not invalid or suspended. You can check this by going to the following URL after replacing ‘USERNAME’ with your username: http://www.youtube.com/user/USERNAME

    So I typed in the Username, “ZanePrinceton” and the email.
    After that, “Thank you for contacting us”, comes up.

    I go to “http://www.youtube.com/user/ZanePrinceton”.
    And it says, “This channel is no longer available because the user closed their account.”
    Obviously, I’m not understanding the directions.
    Please help!

  • Hadley

    Yeah does anyone know how long it takes before you get it back

  • Hadley

    How long does it take to get the email HELP PLEASEEEE

  • zezo

    Hey there…. I followed the steps but didn’t get any emails yet … Idk wat to do ..should I send a request again or does it take time to get a reply ? Thnx for ur help :)

  • zezo

    Oh nvm I got my channel back 😀 thank u thank u thank u very much 😀

  • @Zezo – Glad you got your channel back. Can you please point out if you do anything else different other than what we’ve written about ?

  • hii

    Hi i deleted my Youtube account and I can’t get it back! I send them an email. When will I get my email back?

  • I followed the steps, how long approximately will it take to recover account and will the videos/subscribers/friends/views still be on.

  • Guitarist99

    Can anyone help me… I am on my iPod and when I try and login to YouTube it says username and password… Bad part is I don’t remember… I’ve tried looking in my email…I’ve friend typing in my email… None worked, I’ve tried and idk what to do plz help someone

  • hi i deleted an account and i am trying to get back up

  • horses

    hey, youtube deleted my account because I had to make a google account- so i did. then it wouldnt let me back in? youtube is messedddd up! help me! i had sooo many vids:P

  • @Horses – I doubt if you’ll get your videos back.

  • Guitarist99

    Please Gautam help me read my last post I need help

  • Brap

    Does this still work? I can’t find the contact us option. HELP?

  • Danny

    My YouTube got hacked, and closed, but they took away the feature :( I NEED MY ACCOUNT BACK!!!!

  • Maya

    that happened to me i jsut went to contact support.

  • unclehugmefunny

    there’s no contact us option on that page ,what do i do?

  • Mei

    Youtube is sooooo f–ing retarded now. I want KidRauhlSucksA– back!

  • 19BlackGoddess

    you guys my youtube account reopened..yesterday and it said closed before sept 6th

  • Jessica vera

    None comment

  • Donnie

    Um can someone please reply this does not work I’ve searched that entire website and I need my vids back

  • teros

    I spent a few hours on this until i came across a YT page with some fine print at the bottom clearly stating that the accounts recovery options have been “RETIRED”

    I didn’t even have a gmail/google account and they messed up my yt account any way.

  • saad

    my wife deleted my 3 year old youtube account, i had all my original songs and views etc on it .

    please help me out, is there any way to get it back?

  • i did alot of stept i contacted them in an e mail that they replied me back, many times, but they sent me links that they are not what they say, youtube i mean, they are so stupid, its been a month since im tryin to recover my account and still nothing, i asked them forr phone number anything, they are so stupid and ignorant

  • N

    Quote: “You can reopen your account this way, but the personal details related your account will be deleted for ever, like the videos and comments associated with that account cannot be restored.”

    Ok about comments & videos, but what about subscriptions & playlists, will they be deleted as well, for ever?!

  • Jensel Diaz

    I really need some help guys. I had over a thousand subscribers and today, I went to fix the glitch on the reply button and my account got deleted instead. I was trying to unlink the Google+ account from my YouTube, then this happened. Please, if there is any way to recover my old account, someone notify me. :(

  • I forget my possword and username . Please I reqvest for u close my account

  • Help my 5 year old listens to music on my you tube and deleted it :((((

  • I can’t andrestand any video

  • Okay!!
    I had the same problem BUT i got back in!
    Go to youtube.com and login USING the email you had used when you HAD your account.
    Click my channel. I will ask you to make a new account do it anyway once you do that it wil say you already have an account.
    click ok
    you will get your account back BUT you will NOT have your video views, comments, subscribers, or videos, favorites and all that crap…
    Hope this helps

  • 1> go to http://www.google.com/support/youtube/bin/request.py

    2> You’ll have a couple of options under ‘Contact Us’, select ‘Account Issue’

    3> Click on ‘Continue’

    4> Click on ‘Reopen account’

    5> And then Click on ‘Contact Us’

  • me

    I have some accounts that were made and closed before september 6th 2011, please is there ANY WAY i can reopen them?? there has to be some way, is there some page cache where i can at least see them, anything similar internet archive way back machine? someone help please

  • me

    oh please reply to me comment above if you know something!

  • me

    Subscriptions and playlists will stay if you close an account and then reopen it, at least they used to when this option to reopen account was still possible. I don’t know about comments on videos, but channel comments used to stay. Uploaded videos will not come back once you close an account even if you reopen, your uploads are gone.@N

  • Shane

    Did you hv any luck greeting your youtube back? If so can you let me no how, as I hv deleted my YouTube by mistake

  • Eric


  • Lizzy

    @Jensel Diaz

    Exactly the same happened to me. Did you ever sort it out?

  • SuperNikolica .

    my youtube account was deleted because someone tampered with it on, I had a lot of footage that we were meant to, and I would ask you to return my account

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