• Guitarist99

    Please Gautam help me read my last post I need help

  • Brap

    Does this still work? I can’t find the contact us option. HELP?

  • Danny

    My YouTube got hacked, and closed, but they took away the feature :( I NEED MY ACCOUNT BACK!!!!

  • Maya

    that happened to me i jsut went to contact support.

  • unclehugmefunny

    there’s no contact us option on that page ,what do i do?

  • Mei

    Youtube is sooooo f–ing retarded now. I want KidRauhlSucksA– back!

  • 19BlackGoddess

    you guys my youtube account reopened..yesterday and it said closed before sept 6th

  • Jessica vera

    None comment

  • Donnie

    Um can someone please reply this does not work I’ve searched that entire website and I need my vids back

  • teros

    I spent a few hours on this until i came across a YT page with some fine print at the bottom clearly stating that the accounts recovery options have been “RETIRED”

    I didn’t even have a gmail/google account and they messed up my yt account any way.

  • saad

    my wife deleted my 3 year old youtube account, i had all my original songs and views etc on it .

    please help me out, is there any way to get it back?

  • i did alot of stept i contacted them in an e mail that they replied me back, many times, but they sent me links that they are not what they say, youtube i mean, they are so stupid, its been a month since im tryin to recover my account and still nothing, i asked them forr phone number anything, they are so stupid and ignorant

  • N

    Quote: “You can reopen your account this way, but the personal details related your account will be deleted for ever, like the videos and comments associated with that account cannot be restored.”

    Ok about comments & videos, but what about subscriptions & playlists, will they be deleted as well, for ever?!

  • Jensel Diaz

    I really need some help guys. I had over a thousand subscribers and today, I went to fix the glitch on the reply button and my account got deleted instead. I was trying to unlink the Google+ account from my YouTube, then this happened. Please, if there is any way to recover my old account, someone notify me. :(

  • I forget my possword and username . Please I reqvest for u close my account

  • Help my 5 year old listens to music on my you tube and deleted it :((((

  • I can’t andrestand any video

  • Okay!!
    I had the same problem BUT i got back in!
    Go to youtube.com and login USING the email you had used when you HAD your account.
    Click my channel. I will ask you to make a new account do it anyway once you do that it wil say you already have an account.
    click ok
    you will get your account back BUT you will NOT have your video views, comments, subscribers, or videos, favorites and all that crap…
    Hope this helps

  • 1> go to http://www.google.com/support/youtube/bin/request.py

    2> You’ll have a couple of options under ‘Contact Us’, select ‘Account Issue’

    3> Click on ‘Continue’

    4> Click on ‘Reopen account’

    5> And then Click on ‘Contact Us’

  • me

    I have some accounts that were made and closed before september 6th 2011, please is there ANY WAY i can reopen them?? there has to be some way, is there some page cache where i can at least see them, anything similar internet archive way back machine? someone help please

  • me

    oh please reply to me comment above if you know something!

  • me

    Subscriptions and playlists will stay if you close an account and then reopen it, at least they used to when this option to reopen account was still possible. I don’t know about comments on videos, but channel comments used to stay. Uploaded videos will not come back once you close an account even if you reopen, your uploads are gone.@N

  • Shane

    Did you hv any luck greeting your youtube back? If so can you let me no how, as I hv deleted my YouTube by mistake

  • Eric


  • Lizzy

    @Jensel Diaz

    Exactly the same happened to me. Did you ever sort it out?

  • SuperNikolica .

    my youtube account was deleted because someone tampered with it on, I had a lot of footage that we were meant to, and I would ask you to return my account

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