Identifying A Foreign Language Using Langid For Free

Sometimes we stumble upon many foreign languages never heard of or never seen on internet. An email or a web page if written in a foreign language becomes difficult for a user to understand the language. Online translators are a must-have to address such issues.

A solution to the above is to first detect the foreign language. Langid is an online detection Tool to help a user in identifying a foreign text, message or file easily. This is available for free for all users. can read and translate nearly 85 foreign languages. This website can detect an unknown language easily. A user needs to simply upload a text or a file with a foreign language or paste the message in the text box provided in the website.

Langid can detect an email, quotation, newsletter written in a foreign language automatically. Within a short time, langid will detect by using its language scripts and display the results.

A tweet can also be sent via a twitter account, and this website identifies the message and returns a tweet with the language name. This website is very quick, accurate, convenient and free. After detecting the language, a user can choose any online translator to provide a translated version of the foreign text or file.


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