This is a common question that might come in any facebook users mind:

If I remove someone as a friend on Facebook, will they be notified?

The answer to this is ‘NO‘, you friends will not be informed that you have removed them from your list. When you try removing your friends you’ll probably get a message which will read :”This person <name of your friend> will not be notified of this action.”

However, there are two sticking points you must know:

1> If your friend has subscribed to ‘Unfriend’ application, then they will be informed when you unfriend them from your facebook list.

2> Heard of reciprocal links ? You link to me and I’ll link to you, that’s the concept of reciprocal links. Facebook friends list works on a similar concept. If you unfriend a friend, it is as good as telling facebook that you are not interested in being on your friends list either, and hence you too will be removed from their list.

Guess we’ve cleared all doubts here.



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