If I Send Money To My Friend / Relative Via Paypal Do They Have To Pay Any Fee ?

Paypal is the best solution to send money to your friends and relatives without exposing your credit / debit card information publicly. With Paypal, request money from friends / relatives or send money to them. You can also keep of your online expenditure.

Coming to the question, whether your friends / relatives will be charged any fee when you send money to them, the answer is, it really depends on the kind of Paypal account they hold. If they have a personal account then there won’t be any fee, where as if they have a premier or business account, then there will be fee cut in the amount you send.

This will give u detailed information on the fee structure.

Each account has it’s own limits. So before chosing the account type, you should do your research as to see which one fits you.

If your friends and relatives have Premier or Business account, then you use Paypal’s Masspay Feature to save fee money while sending money to premier or business account.


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