Imgv is a comprehensive image viewer that supports all possible image formats available today. You can categorize your images and browse through them easily. You can also run a slideshow of your images with various transition effects. In built transition effects are available with the application and you can also generate your own transition effects.

Imgv has the facility to exclude some of the images from the play list so that they do not become part of your slide show. The images can be shuffled during the slide show and it is also possible to supply the relevant information while the show is running. You can also put the images in a histogram or in a thumbnail format. Imgv can be integrated into other tools easily.

Imgv is opensource software and is supplied with the source code. The users can change and modify the code to add new functions or modify existing features. There are no licensing restrictions for changing the code as long as you keep the modified code open for other users. The software is freely downloadable and the support is provided by the strong user community.

Imgv also provides many other features such as zooming, rotating, setting the wall paper, full screen support and the ability to view multiple images at the same time.

[ Download Imgv ]


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