Implement New Ways To Increase Your Adsense Revenue

A lot of people start blogging with an optimism of making money. Most people choose Adsense as a source to generate a handsome amount of money from their website.  There are 9 different working ways by which you can increase your Adsense revenue. For a beginner, even registering for an Adsense program and receiving an approval is a pretty tedious task.

Once you create a good website design and become successful in attracting some traffic towards the site, you soon get an approval. However, now the main issue is generating good income from your website. Attracting a huge traffic will not always generate good income from Adsense. You need to apply some Adsense optimization techniques to generate more and more Adsense revenue from your site.

Below mentioned are a few new techniques that you can incorporate so as to increase revenue from Adsense Ads.

1) Proper Placement of Adsense Ads

To generate a handsome amount of money from your site, it is very important that you make a proper placement of Adsense Ads.

a)       The space below your post title is the best place to position the Adsense Ads. There are high chances that visitors would click on the Ads placed below post title and thus increase your Adsense revenue. Most experts believe that this position is the best ad position but it might not work for all the websites.

b)       Placing an Adsense Ad on the sidebar which is just to the right hand side of the post heading is another good idea. Many popular bloggers like Amit Agarwal are known to employ this technique. It seems that the eyes of the visitors generally follow an “F” pattern whilst going through the website. So the Ads placed on the sidebar are believed to have a better CTR or Click Thru Ratio.

c)        You can also try testing a variety of Adsense formats at the same time. Proximity of Adsense Ads to your website’s content plays an important role in determining the CTR.


2) Choosing a Proper Ad Size

You will see different types of ad sizes and formats on different websites.  Below mentioned are the units which are commonly used by most bloggers.

a)       Large rectangle with dimensions “336×280”.

b)       Medium rectangle with dimensions “300×250”.

c)       Wide skyscraper with dimensions “160×600” are normally placed within the left sidebar. You may place such kind of Adsense units beside the elements that attract more attention such as categories.

d)       Horizontal ad link which is normally “728 x15” is yet another successful format that you can ideally place beneath your navigation bar.

Options (a) and (b) work best under post title as well as in the sidebar in case you place them close to contents like about author, popular posts, recent posts etc. In websites which have a subscription box placed above the sidebar, you can wisely place your Ads below it.

3) Choosing a Proper Ad Font

Make sure that the font used in your Adsense Ads is not very small. You need to use font like Verdana in Big size. This font works the best for Adsense Ads.

4) Using Good Colors Is Very Important.

Many bloggers do not focus on the colors used while designing Adsense Ads. Proper use of colors can make a vast difference in CTR. It is wise to choose your site colors in such a way that they match well with the ad colors.

a)       Background and Border Color: You need to select a proper background and border color for your website.

b)       Title or Link Color: #0000FF, #000069, #000080 colors work best for increasing your Adsense revenue. You can select the color that best suits your website and test it for a week to check which color format fetches a better CTR.

c)       URL color should ideally be “#999999” or black.

d)       Text color: #333333 or black work can be chosen as text colors for your main content.

5)  Making Use of Adsense For Feeds Option.

Most people do not use the option “Adsense for feeds” while creating Adsense Ad units. It is possible for you to increase your Adsense revenue by embedding “Adsense” within the feeds.  You may go to the option “Get ads” on the Adsense page to access the option “Adsense for feeds”.

You also need to move the feedburner feeds into your Google account. Placing the Ads beneath the feeds offers a better reader experience. Remember not to make your ads more aggressive as it might lead people to unsubscribe from the feed.


6) Removing Distracting elements

While placing an Adsense ad on your website, make sure that there is nothing close to the ad which might distract the visitors. Flashy Banners, ads from other companies etc are likely to decrease the CTR ratio, thus reducing your Adsense income.  

7) Choosing between Text Ads and Image Ads.

Many publishes prefer text only ads while others go for image only ads. Using image only or text only ads alone on your website is also another reason behind low Adsense revenue. You need to use Image ads and text ads together in order to increase your Adsense revenue. 

Using both types of Ads together increases the competition among the advertisers thereby leading to increase in eCPM as well as the Adsense income.  This trick works well for most websites. However, if your website is more inclined towards images, image galleries, image sideshows etc, image ads are a better option. The same stands true for text ads.

8) Getting Related Adsense Ads.

Displaying Ads that are relevant to your Website’s content increases the CTR. Your Ads can be highly influenced by the elements in the footer, sidebar etc.

For displaying the right Ads, you need to use the technique known as “Section Targeting”. This technique makes sure that Adsense Ads are correctly displayed according to your post content.

In order to implement section targeting technique, you need to use two tags which have to be placed over and beneath the post content. The tags are mentioned as follows.

<!- google_ad_section_start ->

<!- google_ad_section_end ->

You have to place the tag “<!- google_ad_section_start ->” above your post content and “<!- google_ad_section_end ->” below the content.

WordPress users need to place the tags as follows.  The code “<?php the_content(); ?>” is present inside the file “single.php”.

<!– google_ad_section_start –>

<?php the_content(); ?>

<!– google_ad_section_end -–>

Bloggers need to place the tags as follows.

<!– google_ad_section_start –>


<!– google_ad_section_end -–>

The above technique will display more related ads and help you earn more Adsense revenue.

9) Ensuring that no one uses your Adsense Code.

In case someone uses you Adsense code due to some reason such as testing, it is possible that the eCPM (Earning Cost-per-thousand Impressions) may decrease. Getting your Adsense Code from the website is pretty simple. By simply checking the source code of your website in any browser, anyone can get your Adsense code.

You need to take the necessary steps to restrict anyone else from using your Adsense code.

In case you properly implement these techniques, you will surely see a considerable increase in your Adsense revenue and will be able to earn a handsome amount from Adsense Ads.


  1. I have a blogs but I did not get enough money from it maybe because the ads in not relevant to the topic. I’ll try adsense section targeting to see is related ads will be displayed to my site. Thanks for this valuable information anyway.


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