Important Tips To Prevent Your Gmail Account From Being Hacked By Phishers

At the present time, you might have often heard about liability of online security, since the domains and emails are being stolen via unauthorized parties. Being a common internet surfer, you should make sure that your domains or emails are safe from phishers. However, by taking proper precautions you can stop your confidential data from being stolen by anyone.

You cannot really notice the email which is actually delivered by a phisher, as it appears as a legal website page. By hacking your database, a phisher can copy your private data such as bank information, online merchants, email, payments and even governments.

Phishers use all such information to steal your money from bank. They can also open a new credit card application using your name and other data.

Following are some important tips to prevent attacks by phishers:

Go to the Gmail account then go to Setting and then filters and look for a filter that you have not created. If there is any filter that is not created by you, it surely is a suspect filter. Delete it immediately.

• Open your Gmail account, go to Setting and then Forwarding and POP/IMAP. Stop or disable the forwarding, IMAP and POP.

• If you receive any email or link in the email that asks for your password, user name, account number of bank or any other private data, you have to be careful before submitting any type of the above information. Remember that all the legal websites does not asks you for any type of private information.

• If you get an email which asks for your personal data from a known organization, you must type the link in the address bar. Most of the time, there will be a proper declaration on the homepage to do something.

• Always make use of the latest versions of internet browsers for example Internet Explorer 8, Firefox 3.x and Opera 9.x as these browsers are integrated with phishing filters. With the help of the phishing filters you can browse over the net more safely and stay away from being interrupted by these types of phishing actions.

• When you receive a mail which is about online offers and asks you to give your personal data, please read the whole mail once, don’t be too excited. Confirm first about the reality and try to get some extra information about the mail.


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