In this computer age, one cannot afford to be delayed by the slow functioning of their computer/laptop. The usages of Open DNS, is the ideal solution for such problems, for it speeds up searching or browsing. Open DNS is one of the leading providers of free security and infrastructure services that make your internet usages all the more safe, fast and easy through integrated web content filtering, anti-phishing and DNS. No wonder there are 12 billion requests for DNS today !!

Advantages of using Open DNS:

-Anti-phishing protects your net from frequent phishing scams.

-web content filtering allows you to block 50 categories of content.

-detailed statistics help you understand your network traffic better.

-worldwide distribution of network makes loading faster.

-any cast routing technology maker you internet more reliable.

-browser shortcuts let you users connect a short term to a long URL.

-type correction, auto-correction are common typos in top-level domains.

If you are already an Open DNS user, then you never have to worry about Conflickers worm infecting your system, as Open DNS will do the job of identifying the 50000 domains and block them from resolving all other users.

You will have special access to sites that appear down to others. Smart Cache is their new DNS handling technology that gives DNS outages irrelevant for DNS users. Their servers will automatically look for the last known address of the sites in cache and load the site.

Open DNS needs no extra downloading or installing software and can be set up on any computer in a very short time. Router DNS settings also can be changed so as to be beneficial to all computers on the network. It works on Windows, Mac, and UNIX too.

Internet usage is both a boon and a bane, safe and unsafe too.  Why not make it a safe zone only; by changing over to Open DNS today?

[ Start Using Open DNS ]

[ Video Tutorial ]


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