Use Images To Improve Traffic

Traffic is known to be a major aspect for webmasters. Webmasters are always in a process of discovering new ideas for driving traffic to their respective websites. Although, texts and keywords are more often considered as the major tools, another significant tool which can efficiently drive traffic to websites is images.

By making a few modifications, images can actually drive traffic to websites with the help of Google Image Search. Though the effect is not that outstanding, use of images does help.

Naming of images is quite important for this purpose. A lot of people save their images using simple names such as a. jpg, b.jpg, 1.jpg, 2.jpg etc. Though it is convenient to do so, it doesn’t help you in driving traffic because such names cannot operate as keywords when image searches are conducted. Therefore it is advisable to name the images using keywords.

For E.g. If you want to name an image of Canon S3000SPX, you need to name it somewhat like CanonS3000.jpg and not 001.jpg.

The length of images’ name is not restricted. You may make use of several keywords of your choice to name your images. Separating the keywords with the help of a hyphen is preferred though. For instance, consider the above mentioned example. If you would like to include the word “printer” in the image name, you can write it as printer-CanonS3000.jpg.

Also it is very important to include ALT data of these images. Entering ALT data information and using relevant and significant keywords is of utmost importance.

Using Google Webmaster tools is another proficient way of driving traffic with the help of images. Enter Google Webmaster tools by login in and select Enhanced Image Search placed on its left sidebar. With the help of Google Webmaster tool, you can ensure better indexing and improved appearance frequency of images in Google’s image search engine.

Try it yourself and check if your traffic gets better!



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