Your wait to let your windows shutdown completely may sometimes be exasperating. The two minutes your system usually takes to shutdown seems too much after your hectic day come to an end. But not anymore! Absolute Shutdown is a tremendous program that allows users your system to shutdown and reboot instantly. This software works wonders at drastically improving the speed of your system’s shutdown as well as reboot. It permanently changes the settings of the Windows that controls the shutdown and reboot time of your system.

Absolute Shutdown can be operated pretty easily. Its intuitive interface can be easily operated by both experienced and novice users. It gets downloaded within a few seconds and becomes ready for use. After installing the software, you simply need to click on the icon that appears on the desktop to activate it. A small windows loaded withy very few options pops up. This windows offer you numerous time options to select from. All the time options are present in terms of seconds only. All you need to do is just select the minimum time option for your Widows’ shutdown and avoid the painstaking wait.

Absolute Shutdown also gives you the provision to set the right time to move further or walk out of the service in current use. This saves you from the annoying service terminating time. After setting the desired time, press apply and the OK to activate the time spans. As the last step, reboot the system to start accessing the set time.

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