Insert Photo To Your Image Online Using Gmail Labs Latest Feature

There are several useful features that have been developed by Gmail Labs team constantly. The latest advanced addition in the available features is Inserting Images, through which you can directly share photo or images directly via email instead of attaching them to email. This latest feature allows users to add their photos to email so recipients can easily view photos online along with description text.

All you have to do is just activate this feature by navigating to “Settings”>> “Labs”>> “Inserting Images”.  Once you enabled this feature you will notice an icon appearing in Gmail templates that allows you to insert images whenever you compose mail.

However, make sure that while composing a mail, you set it in Rich text mode otherwise image will not be displayed properly. By clicking on the image insertion option, you will be able to upload images either from your computer or web.

You can customize the size of uploaded pictures according to your preferences by selecting one option from Small, Medium, and Large. You can keep it as original without personalizing it. If you think that you need this feature, then enable this right now in your Gmail account.


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