Tips To Make Applications Take Effect after Installation without Restarting Windows XP/Vista

Usually, when the user installs fresh software or any program in computer, they are prompted to restart the PC in order to make the applications take effect or to have them running correctly. However, some times restarting the computer could be exasperating and annoying particularly when you are in the midst of doing your important work, and currently there are lots of applications that will help you in executing the same.

You may be forced to stop your work mid-way, along with saving and closing all applications and documents before restarting the computer which can be really inconvenient for the users. Now there is a method of creating the program to start taking effect, without having to restart your computer following the installation of program.

You can attain this by starting the Explorer again rather than restarting entire windows. In order to restart Explorer, you may go after the traditional technique via going to task manager, after that go to Processes option and select applications with clicking on the application file names. Try to find explorer.exe and destroy all of them via clicking End Process key.

On the other hand, to create the steps straightforward, copy the commands given below into the notepad and save it by naming it as KillExplorer.bat

@echo off
taskkill /f /IM explorer.exe

Now, all you need to do is run the KillExplorer.bat, and the batch file will exterminate each and every running explorer.exe within hardly any seconds in Windows. This will help the people who like to automate things on the computers, as they should be able to run the batch file with just a few clicks of the mouse.


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