How To Install Microsoft Mathematics Add-on For OneNote And Word

Microsoft Mathematics add-in is a set of tools that enable users to create 2D and 3D graphs, calculate numerical questions, solve equations, inequalities, and simplify the algebraic expressions. This add-in is designed for Microsoft word and OneNote notebooks.
The aim of designing this add-in is to help those professionals, teachers and students who need to perform mathematical calculations and plot graphs in notebooks and word documents. Besides, this add-in featured with extensive collection of mathematical structures and symbols.

Users will get simple formatted expression that will help them to insert graphs easily into the word document and notebook.
Tasks that can be performed by the Microsoft Mathematics Add-in are following:

• Calculate standard mathematical functions such as logarithms and roots
• Calculate trigonometric equations such as cosine and sine
• Users can fine derivatives, limits, integrals, sums, and products of series.
• It performs matrix operations such as addition, multiplication, and inverses.
• Plot 2D graphs in polar coordinates and Cartesian.
• Plot 3D graphs in Cylindrical, spherical coordinates and Cartesian.
• Solves inequalities and equations
• Simplify the algebraic expressions.
• Factor integers and polynomials
• Calculate statistical equations and functions.
The latest add-in supports Microsoft word 2010, Microsoft word 2007, and Microsoft OneNote 2010. In order to get the free Microsoft mathematic add-in, just follow the below given steps.
• Download add-in “MASetup.exe”.
• In order to execute the installation program double click on the setup file and follow the onscreen procedure to complete the installation.
• Once the installation completed, start the word or OneNote program and you will see the computation, graphing options and new equation on the mathematical tab.
• That’s all.

Finally, you will be able to use the latest equation functions to solve the difficult inequalities.


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