How To Install Microsoft Office 2010 Keeping Microsoft 2007 On Your System

The latest Microsoft office 2010 is featured with upgraded and advanced features that make it a must-have tool to enhance working efficiency instantly. However, when you install Microsoft 2010 on your system it will ask you to uninstall previous version of Microsoft office Such as 2003, 2000, 2007 etc.

In that case you have to choose the option to uninstall previous version to continue installation process. However now you can keep your Microsoft office 2007 and 2010 setup side by side on your computer, without having to uninstall previous one by following a single trick


There is a simple trick that helps you to keep your both version in your computer. You just install your Microsoft office 2010 on other directory such as D or E etc. It means if you have already installed previous version of Microsoft office 2007 in C drive, then choose another drive to install latest version. This way your previous files will not be overwritten and it will remain intact along with your latest version.

Steps to change settings to keep previous version

  • Launch installation wizard of Microsoft 2010.
  • Now browse the location which must not have existing installation of Microsoft office.
  • Now installation process will continue and you can use both versions simultaneously.


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