Install VTzilla To Firefox Web Browser To Perform Instant File Check Before Downloading


It is pretty important and useful for users to download each file after proper security check to prevent security threat from the unauthorized sources. Usually, web browsers scan the files before initializing the downloading process.

However, you can simplify the entire process by adding new add-on named VTzilla, which is a free plug-in to expedite and enhanced the entire process of scanning and downloading the files form internet. This add-on prevents you from affected by malware attacks and virus attacks.
Once the VTzilla add-on downloaded, your system will scan all the files prior downloading on your system. You just need to add this add-on to your Firefox web browser and right click on the context menu to instigate the scanning process. The VTzilla plug-in technically provided free file scanning and checking more than 41 malware threats.

This add-on only scans submitted files, but cannot scan system on users’ machine. The VTzilla add-on is completely free to download and install on your system then add to the web browser. The add-on will start working once it will be added to Firefox web browser. It keeps your system free from security threats.


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