One of the core functionality of WordPress, is the ability to add new Plugins, which adds new features or improves some of the features already available. Plugins sit on top of WordPress core engine and hence they can be added or removed without altering the core functionality of WordPress.

Until now, the traditional way of installing a plugin invloved:

1> downloading the plugin from the plugin database, uploading it on to server using a FTP software, logging to Plugin management in admin dashboard and activating the plugin, or

2> Using the Add New plugin interface which is available in the dashboard of the WordPress admin panel.

But from now on, with the help of One-Click Install plugin, there will be no more downloading or uploading files. The plugins will be installed with just one Click !

For one final time, you have to follow the routine of installing the plugin manually. Go to One-Click Install Plugin page, download the plugin and install it.

You should have Greasemonkey script installed on your Firefox – oh did I mention this works on only Firefox as of now, so you need to get Firefox if you still don’t have it on your system.

Once you have Greasemonkey on Firefox and Worpdress One Click Install plugin installed you are all set.

Whenever you visit any Plugin page on, instead of seeing just the Download button in the right side bar, you’ll see an additional button which’ll say “Install to <your-site-URL>”

Install WordPress Plugins One Click No Download

Click on that button and the plugin will be installed on to your blog ! That’s it !

[ Download One-Click Install Plugin]


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