Ubuntu is a Linux based operating system. It has been designed by a community for catering to the portable needs of laptops, servers and desktops. It is loaded with the majority of applications required to access internet while traveling. Some of these applications are instant messaging, spreadsheet software, web browser, document and much more. Ubuntu is available for free of cost for online users. It is pre-installed with security updates and enterprise releases.

This software is equipped with the best accessibility infrastructure and translations. It is loaded with all the requisite software required for accessing your office work while you are traveling. Ubuntu can be easily installed in your system using a Live CD. It is important to note that there are certain essentials required for the successful installation of this program. These are, Working CD Drive, an Ubuntu CD, a viable internet connection and last but not the least, 1 GB or larger USB drive.

Now follow the below path to install Ubuntu in your system.

• Download the updated version of Ubuntu ISO. Burn the software on a CD
• Then, restart your system. Reboot the program from the Live CD.
• Insert a USB flash drive of 2GB or more in your system
• Next, open one terminal. Further, type the below path into the terminal window (here the assumption is that the user is installing Ubuntu 8.10, the commands will vary depending on the version being installed. Users can look up the Ubuntu website for relevant commands):
• wget pendrivelinux.com/downloads/u810/u810.sh
• chmod +x u810.sh && sh u810.sh
• Follow all onscreen instructions
• Once that script finishes, reboot the computer.
• Set the boot menu for booting from the USB-device


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