Do you think adding Instant Messenger with your already existing application will help you build more interactivity with your clients ? Will it bring in more business to you?

Now if your answer is Yes, the biggest problem will be that your development team will have to spend time building an IM application and later on integrating that with your already existing application and then the aftermath of upgrading, maintenance, testing and a whole bunch of other technical stuff. Headache right ?

IMified, simplifies this part of life for you. You can now, with one simple IMified API, embed IM in your application. Not just on applications, this is even more easier to integrate IM on a webpage / blog that you own.

An instant messenger that works across all major IM networks and gives access to various other web applications and productivity tools, like notes, reminders and ‘to dos’. To put it simpler would be to say, IMified helps getting your work done faster.

This simple web-based platform makes it easy to create interactive instant messaging agent or ‘bots’. IM is very useful for personal chatting, but at the same time is equally ideal for putting forth presence and real-time text into your desktops.

IMified was created mainly because its founders ran into complications when they first came in contact with IM bot, and they wanted to make it simpler and user friendly for others people too.

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