Reception of VOIP Calls Made Easy By Waking Up of PC System from Sleep Mode by Intel

Usage of pc / personal computer now-a-days has become a part of our day to day life. Whenever a user does not want to use the machine for long time, they can keep the system in Sleep mode.

When pc is kept in Sleep mode, the user can save lot of power as well as enhance the lifespan of the components which are used in the mother board. The problematic part comes into picture here when user keeps machine in Sleep mode, and there is some event that’s expected to happen at around the time when the system is in Sleep Mode

To solve this problem, Intel has announced the DG45FC and DG45ID technology ( lets assume that we need to handle tasks like VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)) to wake our system from sleep mode. This saves about 20 percent of power consumption.

This technique enables our machine to attend Internet calls without fail even if our system is in sleep mode. Major PC manufacturing companies like HP and DELL are going to adopt this technology in their Upcoming systems manufactured.


  • Used when the usage of PC in certain situations over a short period of actual working time like less than twenty percent of the total.
  • Saves about 60% of power consumption for the PCs which are actually utilized for 30% of the time they switched on.
  • Remote wake technology enables our system to wake up from sleep mode automatically.

This technology does all the above mentioned activities with a server called Sleep Server.

Sleep Server

This server responds to the tasks even if our PC is in sleep mode by the minute virtual images that are created. It does not involve expensive hardware components as it is just software.

Intel is going to introduce its first PC incorporated with this technology in the coming months. Let us hope that this technology is adopted by all PC manufacturing companies in near future to save our environment.

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