Internet Security With WOT (Web Of Trust)

Using the internet comes with a lot of risks for the user. If the user doesn’t have a antivirus program or any other security application installed in its system, then this could lead to some damage to the system. Internet is one of the most likely ways to get your system affected. It gets vulnerable to numerous malware, viruses, identity thefts and spywares.

WOT or the Web of Trust is the answer to this threat. It keeps you safe from risks like viruses, malwares and spywares. It is an addon which provides Internet Security absolutely free for browsers like Firefox and Internet Explorer. This application minimizes the threats to a large extent.


Once added, the WOT icons show or give safety ratings to the websites the user browses. If the red code is indicated during browsing a website, it means that it possesses risks and is not secure. Amber provides caution while the green code assures safety. Sophisticated algorithms of Web of Trust rates around 21 million sites and provides safety and security to its users.

WOT is most preferred by users who love surfing the net and prefer exploring different web sites. If any risky or harmful object or event is found in the website, the application blocks the webpage and stops the user from accessing it.

Dowload Links:

For Internet Explorer

For Firefox


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