has changed the way we experience videos and music. By incorporating quick sharing of videos on an open platform, YouTube has ushered in a new age of media sharing for us. However, the flip side to this story is that – as users can upload any video on YouTube, there are a lot of copyright violations that come along with it. In fact, there are several ongoing copyright lawsuits against video-sharing websites in general.

In order to tackle this, all the videos uploaded on YouTube are encoded in Macromedia Flash format. This is to prevent unauthorized downloading of the content put up on their site – and to further prevent the proliferation of digital copies of the videos. However, it is still possible to download videos from YouTube if you know how to go about it.

Click here to read a comprehensive and easy tutorial that teaches tricks to download video files from YouTube and then convert them to a suitable format. This sweet little trick works with all Mac/Windows PCs using either of Safari, Firefox, or Internet Explorer web browsers.


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