Do you have some of your favorite records still sitting in your audio cassette, that you’d love to have on your computer in the digital format ? Do you plan to gift your mum or dad an iPod and wished you could put their favorite songs on the iPod but you are not finding the digital version of it ? You don’t need to just wish anymore, as can make these wishes come true with ION’s U-Recorder.

You need Ion U – Recorder, a device that will help you convert audio from your analog cassette to digital format. the input port is for RCA connector which will be connected to your audio device (which will be a tape player) and the output port is an USB port which will be connected to your computer.

The U-Recorder will take the input from the tape device and internally converts each analog signal to its digital equivalent and transfers it on to your computer via the USB cable. The built in pre-amplifier comes handy to generate good quality conversion.

How To Convert Analog Cassette To Digital Audio And Copy To iPod

Normally audio tapes, if they are not recorded in high quality will have some hissing noise in them. This hissing noise in the audio tapes or cassettes will be suppressed automatically with the in built audacity software pack in U-Recorder.

While exporting, you get to choose which format the output file needs to be in, as U-Recorder is bundled with a ton of necessity software for this purpose.

The converted digital files can be played in MP3 players, on your digital music drives and also can be transferred to your iPod !

Ion’s U-Recorder priced at $49.99, is a must buy if you have tons of cassette tapes sitting idle catching dust !

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