Trick To Send Free Massages From iPhone and iPod Touch Devices

The greatly talked about iPhone 3G is now available in the market. It is quite understandable that most of the popular cell phone service providers like AT&T will find it quite lucrative to associate themselves with Apple. It is a perfect opportunity for them to pinch more money from their users.

However they come up with great offers as well There offer 200 free SMS integrated in the original iPhone plan, and it is absolutely beneficial to take make use of free text messages from the phone call plan.

The iPhone 3G consumers will be charged $5 each month for 200 messages, or they could pay $15 for free 1500 messages each month, and $20 for unlimited SMS messages per month. For FamilyTalk users this cost would still be considered on the expensive side, when they have to pay $30 for unlimited text messages (validity of one month) or $0.20 will be charged for each and every message.

There are so many of methods to send (plus some of them are capable of accepting replies) text messages from iPhone and the iPhone 3G totally free.

The other likely way to mail SMS from iPhone is available for AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) users. Among all tricks, the best the way for sending free text messages by means of AIM and iChat which can be used on iPod Touch, when these devices are connected to the net via WiFi.

Now coming to sending free international SMS / Texting, I should tell you, after searching long for an App which can do this, I failed to find one. However, there is an easy way to text free international SMSes using iPhone / iTouch devices.

The trick to send text messages free of cost via AOL Instant Manager in case of iPhone and iPod Touch devices, just follow steps below: –

  1. First, download and install AIM (AOL Instant Manager) client for iPhone from their Applications Center.
  2. Run iChat (or any one of the instant messaging clients which are used in such devices), make a fresh friend contacts. While adding his or her AIM address along with his/her , make sure that you add their cell phone number (along with country and area code) starting with plus sign (+). Example: +12068888551.
  3. On your iPhone device, open AIM clients. After connecting to the AIM service, the other AIM client will upload the buddy list from the AIM’s server. It will also display the fresh AIM contacts along with their cell phone numbers.
  4. Just tap the friend name you wish to mail text messages to. Then create text message after completing the typing press send for sending the massage.
  5. The returning message will be displayed on the AIM client, which will allow you to read the response from receivers.


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