Latest iPhone Apps Launched in the Market iRecycle, Maps HD and Textalyzer

There is not doubt that the iPhone gives you the power to explore enumerable things in no time. The compatible app enhances its functionalities and turns it into a perfect gadget that allows the user to simplify the tedious tasks. Here are new bunch of iPhone application rolled out in the market to be used.

The first one is iRecycle, which gives you details of the disposal and recycling facilities in your surroundings. Next most talked about application is National Parks Maps HD, which helps you to know the route of all the national parks in the world. The final one is Textalyzer app, which helps you to manage your forbidden list at various special moments. Let’s see in detail about these applications.

  • iRecycle – iRecycle is the application that assists you in finding the recycling and disposal facilities in your surroundings by using the GPS feature on the device. It has details about 110,000 disposal and recycling centers all across the US including 240 materials. You can easily search the particular areas that belong to the recycling facilities in the locality. In addition to this feature, iRecycle has other things that the users can take pleasure in. It is developed by the, which keeps you updated regarding environmental news by sending articles and e-magazines.
  • National Park Maps HD – This application assists you in finding the navigation route of the 15 national parks. Using the GPS technology on your iPhone device, you the can get information regarding maps of the parks, so that you can easily reach there without any trouble.
  • Textalyzer – This application is used when you don’t want to use your cell in particular situation such as when you are drunk. In that case this application prevents you to send some annoying messages to the others from your phone book.

Our Opinion

All these applications have their specific features and usefulness. You can download them on your device as per your requirements. If you want to get the information about Park Maps and recycling facilities, then you can go with them. Overall, they all are safe to download and easy to use. A Textalyzer costs you about $0.99 and $4.99 for National Park Maps HD. IRecycle is free to download.


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